Friday, November 27, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Friday

1. Liam Murray wonders why Alastair Campbell is crying foul.
2. Craig Murray on the dispensable Jeremy Greenstock.
3. Tim Montgomerie thinks Gary McKinnon should be extradited.
4. So does Tom Harris. I don't.
5. Devil's Kitchen thinks Climategate cannot be swept under the carpet.
6. Danny Finkelstein on John Major, Neil Kinnock & PPBs.


Constantly Furious said...

a) That's not a dozen;
b) You forgot me. Again.


Anonymous said...

The Iraq Inquiry ... I guess you cannot miss it on TV, but if you did there is always the 3 big "The Iraq Inquiry" logos blazing down behind the Chairman's head.

(Iraq Inquiry for Dummies annyone ...?)

The doom laden sanctimonious tones of Nicholas Witchell are ideal in interpreting the BBC received wisdom on the affair.

Today we have another ambassadorial lackey bemoaning his lack of real world clout - and seeming surprised at being asked to do the bidding of an elected Prime Minister.

There is nothing wrong with British foreign policy that could not be put right by blowing up the Foreign Office.

PS our glorious BBC is lauding Brown for throwing £600 million of our money at developing countries - to stop climate change !!

I see Brown has invited Sarcozy and others (all dutifully licking his boots) to the Commonwealth Conference to boost his profile.

(PS there is no 'topic' on this thread is there ... is there??)

welshtory said...

I am suprised you have not included any of TrueBlueBlood's recent blogposts. He has had some excellent ones these last few days.

Particuarly on immigration and prostituiton -