Friday, November 13, 2009

An Evening With Tonbridge & Malling Conservatives

An interesting evening talking to Tonbridge & Malling Conservatives at King's Hill. I was a last minute replacement for Greg Clark, who is on a trip to Bangladesh, but seeing as I only live twenty minutes away, it was an easy gig. Very annoying though, that I had to turn down Newsnight, who phoned this afternoon wanting me to go on tonight.

I must admit I don't think I was on fire tonight. The King's Hill Community Centre is not exactly an easy venue to get a good audience rapport going, so I wasn't able to spark off the audience in the way I am used to. The Q&A was interesting - not a single question on Europe, which is increasingly the case, I find nowadays. There was a question on South West Norfolk, interestingly enough. Anyway, I hope I proved an adequate substitute for Greg Clark, even if half of the audience hadn't got a clue who I was!


Jabba the Cat said...

"...not a single question on Europe, which is increasingly the case, I find nowadays."

Ah yes, the sheeple fully aware(not) of what is going on across the channel in EUSSR HQ. They will wake up too late and have no one else to blame but themselves. Bah!

Number 7 said...

Off topic.

Have a look at this:-

Forget postal fraud - they've got a new idea.

Anonymous said...

One interesting and Two interestingly's.

Not complaining - this is a non proof read blog off the cuff after all.

Europe? I want us out (if you pin me to a wall with a knife at my throat). But right now in the great scheme of things? Of course its important, but only to dick heads.

Only important to people who want the freedom of perpetual opposition.

My advice to someone who wants rabbit stew - first catch your rabbit. Then work out your recipe.

Ralph Hancock said...

'Interesting' and 'Tonbridge and Malling Conservatives' in the same sentence. Surely a first.

Sinbad the sailor said...

Got me thinking. Tonbridge and Malling is typical of the many seats held by the three parties and especially Cons/Lab where under the current voting system its a job for life..

In voting terms it a conservative equivalent of the Glasgow seat and the tories have an over 13k majority

Whether the tory policy on Europe is in, out or shake it all about it really is all irrelevant as like in Glasgow the sitting party always gets elected irrespective of their policies.

Robert said...

Perhaps the Eurosceptics (or should that be dickheads?) have voted with their feet. I know I have.

Paddy Briggs said...

"An Evening With Tonbridge & Malling Conservatives"

Sounds like you'd have had more fun rubbing your arse with a brick...

Unsworth said...

Ironic, really. As you know, Kings Hill was formerly a huge RAF station. From it many brave men took off to fight the Germans....

Plus ca change.

Bird said...

You didn't miss much on Newsnight.
They brought in your mate Tim from ConHome and Steve Richards, who was there to advance the BBC's agenda of Brown victimhood and Cameron's deference to Murdoch.
Tim was fine as you would have been. Glad to have the Sun on board, if they so choose.
Don't know if you saw Newsnight on Thursday, with that slimeball Shaun Woodward demanding that Cameron should disassociate himself from the Sun.
Newlab really haven't got over being dumped by Murdoch.

Lexander said...

After the RAF left King Hill was also a dumping ground for unfortunate citizens unlike your audience of well-offs. Oh how the ghosts of yesteryear must have haunted your meet. Are you feeling ok. lol