Thursday, November 26, 2009

All Change at the Telegraph

There has been some musical chairs at the Telegraph this morning. Will Lewis, the editor, is moving upstairs to be Managing Director of the Telegraph Group and is replaced by his deputy, Tony Gallagher (a fellow West Ham fan!), who masterminded the expenses revelations. Ben Brogan (not a West Ham fan) replaces Gallagher as Deputy Editor. Both Gallagher and Brogan came to the Telegraph from the Daily Mail, so some will see this as the completion of the Telegraph's 'Mailisation' project - if it ever existed.

I have also been hearing rumours of a big departure from another broadsheet paper, but so far I have been unable to get the rumours confirmed. You'll be the first to know if I do.


Paul Linford said...

Well, technically speaking, the only other national broadsheets are the Sunday Times and the Sunday Telegraph, so that narrows the field a bit.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see Andrew Gilligan get a job at a leading newspaper. After getting a rough deal from the Hutton whitewash after exposing the lies and corruption of Bliar. Although when it comes to Labour finding lies and cover ups are now getting a lot easier to prove.

Lawman said...

All change, or just a re-arranging of the deck chairs?

Real change would have been to put Simon Heffer in the ed's seat.

Anonymous said...

No matter what its size the Telegraph is a tabloid these days. its all in the minds of the people who run it.

No matter what the truth of expensesgate - the story was tabloidised.

Furthermore the fact that Carbongate - a far more important story - is only covered in the on-line blogs is a disgrace.

WUWT is now reporting a New Zealand equivalent - where local temperatures have been fiddled to 'hide the decline'.

Good to see Gilligan kicking Balls and his comment

"Cameron did mess up by saying that the cash was from the Pathfinder part of the Preventing Violent Extremism (PVE) fund. It was actually from a different fund, for nursery education, confusingly also called Pathfinder. "

ie 2 pathfinders - explains the tory confusion rather neatly.

Scary Biscuits said...

The Barclays twins' knack of destroying good newspapers continues apace.

It should be illegal for people not paying UK mainland taxes to own newspapers. They argue for higher taxes safe in the knowledge they won't have to pay them (Times and Guardian Media Group) or they are more suupportive of the government than they might otherwise be for fear of losing their special tax havens (The Telegraph).

................................. said...

"a big departure from another broadsheet paper"... does this mean Sir Michael White will be on his pension soon?

Mirtha Tidville said...

Suppose the big question will be, is the new man a Tory...Dont tnink the boy Lewis was!!!

Anonymous said...

PS (and off topic)
I despise Blair as much as the next man but the partial and self serving comments coming out of YABII (care of Dizzy) are amazingly pathetic and as exampled by this Telegraph report totally slanted in their dissemination.

If Sir Christopher Mayer is an 'ambassador then I am a Dutchman. His casual reference to 'signed in blood' (a phrase the press will be happy to leap on) is about as undiplomatic and as self serving as it gets. I presume he is narked at still not being a Lord.

Far from a whitewash this enquiry is as determined as Gordon Brown could hope out to stitch up Blair.
I could not care less about this but its legacy will be to stitch up British foreign policy for years and make any future resistance to extreme Islam fought with bear traps.

HM Stanley said...

Lord Salisbury once described the Daily Mail as a newspaper written by office boys for office boys. Is the DT now written by/for officeboys..or their modern equivalents...chavvy stocbrokers/hedgefunders?

peter_dtm said...

Totally off topic

Do you or the tory party have any comments on the release (possibly hacked; possibly by a whistle blower) regarding the activities at UEA CRU ?

Just asking as the BBC seem to be ignoring it; and; if the leaked emails are true (conspiracy to break the law; possible fraud etc) should result in a complete review of the claims made by the CRU group regarding the causes of Global Warming ( more correctly known as natural Climate Change)

Joe Public said...

" far I have been unable to get the rumours confirmed. You'll be the first to know if I do."


True Belle said...

Poor Telegraph, to think my father used ask the houseboy to iron it(airmail version, tissue thin)to get the creases out before it was recirculated. Africa, 6 decades ago!

I buy it sometimes, the broadsheet sits snugly spread out at the bottom of my Psittacus Erithacus 7ft cage. Preferably with something interesting to read parrot style and to rip up.

The paper is far too Mail orientated, and yuppy like. Its image is not what it once was!