Monday, November 23, 2009

How to Win an Open Primary

Tim from the Blue Room blog has an absolutely first rate report from the Esher & Walton Open Primary, which took place on Saturday, and in which Dominic Raab emerged victorious. There are some really insightful comments on what to do or what not to do when presenting before such an audience. Well worth a read. Even if it did bring back memories of Bracknell!


Doktorb said...

Very good. I am warming ever more towards Open Primaries, maybe even automatically triggered ones for sitting MPs in the run up to any future election (which would require fixed term parliaments).

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember saying you are Euro-sceptic, and, despite not being a politician, you will do your best turns out pretty well - if Tory Central Office wants you on the shortlist in the first place.

merrowman said...

As far as I understand it this was an open caucus NOT an open primary. In an open primary, which I support, everyone can vote not just the political types who are prepared to come to the meeting. An open primary is a test of voter appeal. An open caucus, whilst better than a simple selection committee, is still biased towards the activist. Let's be brave and go truly open!