Friday, November 27, 2009

Gyimah Trumps Gosport Candidates With Google Ad Campaign

Gosport is hosting the second all-postal Open Primary next week. I haven't followed it much, to be honest, but I noticed that one of the four candidates, Sam Gyimah, had a Google Ad on my blog, so I decided to click on it. It linked to his campaign website, which I think is one of the most impressive I have seen. You can have a look HERE. He's been very clever with his Google marketing, as if you search for two of the other candidates, James Bethell and Caroline Dineage, the first site to come up is that of Sam Gyimah himself!

The other candidates also have good sites and it is clear that several of them are spending every waking hour in Gosport, campaigning for the selection.

The three other candidates are Julia Manning, Caroline Dineage, James Bethell.

It will be interesting to see if the turnout in this Open Primary is as high as the one in Totnes.

PS Just for the record, the posting of this story does not mean I endorse Sam Gyimah for the seat. I know him a little and he would be an excellent candidate, but I also have a soft spot for Julia Manning, who I got to know in the Bracknell process. I don't know James and Caroline as well but I am sure all four would make great MPs. There, have I covered myself?


Letters From A Tory said...

"There, have I covered myself?"

You don't need to 'cover' yourself. You were clearly just talking about someone's campaigning material that you came across inadvertently, and if that produces accusations of bias towards one candidate or another from commentors then they can sod off.

Unsworth said...

"There, have I covered myself?"

You certainly have, Iain. But what with? Looks pretty unhygienic from here.

Null said...

I agree Iain. It is an impressive site, without being too slick. Well done Sam.

Trevor Malcolm, Portsmouth, Hampshire said...

Gosport, Mr Iain Dale, Gosport, sir, you say? Oh, the Peter Viggers business, yes. For shame, that ever came to light. Duckponds n all, villainous

Gosport's famous for being the place where the parents of Big Brother's Davina live

Catch the ferry across the Solent to reach Portsmouth. That's where I live

Such a beautifully-rounded blog-comment, is this

TM in Portsmouth============