Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Sunday

1. People's Republic of Mortimer thinks the Iraq Inquiry is toothless.
2. Ellee Seymour on how the NHS should clean up its act.
3. Matthew Sinclair says the Conservatives can't avoid the big issues on climate change.
4. Graeme Reid asks if Spelthorne is jinxed.
5. Rumours of Tom Harris's defection have been greatly exaggerated.
6. Letters From a Tory on how Climategate is going legal.
7. Tim Worstall on why Socialists are idiots.
8. Paul Waugh on the Goldsmith memo to Blair in the Mail on Sunday.
9. Tim Montgomerie on double barrelled names.
10. Raedwald on why the Scottish Tories should split.
11. SNP Tactical Voting on the SNP's 'Damian McBride moment'.
12. Your Freedom & Ours examines rthe EU's 10 Year Plan.

And as a special bonus, read the PJC Journal for news of the election of Chris Mounsey aka Devil's Kitchen, as the new leader of the Libertarian Party UK.


Ian M said...

I have mixed emotions of the taking down of the "Universality of Cheese" if nothing else because of its some eclectic name. Yes I did think he went too far at times in particular with some attacks which were clearly too personal.
The fact is that the author was the office manager of a very Senior SNP MSP who happens to be in the inner-circle of Alex Salmond's Cabinet and as Constituton Minister is resposible for presenting tomorrow's white paper on an Independence Referendum. McLachlan was earning £30,000 pa (of taxpayers' money)
It is not too reasonable to suppose that the MSP was aware of the extra-curricular activities of his office manager. The Minister has denied it -they all do but Mike Mike Russell should allow independent and public access to all emails exchanged between him and Mark MacLachlan as well as any exchanged between MacLachlan and SNP HQ

Anonymous said...

Spelthorne is not jinxed, it is damned.

Forgot to mention that when I suggested Iain apply . . .