Friday, November 13, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Friday

1. Labour List & Left Foot Forward analyse the Glasgow NE by election result.
2. A Lanson Boy wonders if the Jedward poster is such a good idea.
3. Shane Greer's getting married tomorrow. Send him your good wishes.
4. Mark Pack on turning a negative into a positive.
5. Letters From a Tory asks if homosexuals need protection from Jack Straw. Or maybe I've got that wrong.
6. Wilted Rose says thanks to Fearless Francis. Nay, nay and thrice Nay. Oh, sorry, not that one.
7. Rearrange these words. Harris. Tom. Straws. Clutching.
8. Paul Waugh is nursing a degree of cynicism.
9. Mark Bathgate on the perfects storm.
10. Ben Brogan's letter of the day.
11. Hopi Sen thinks Ben Brogan is a twit.
12. Tory Bear on why Mandy won.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Bercow spends £45k of our money refurbishing his grace and favour flat. That's a lot of child proof locks.

Perhaps I should have said he sat back somnolent whilst his egregious wife spent £45k of our money.

Nope - thanks but no thanks, John - you can bugger off for all I care. Go somewhere where someone else pays your expenses. remind me - whats your salary?