Monday, November 23, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Monday

1. Charlotte Gore's Top 10 Tips for Successful Twittering.
2. Shane Greer thinks a six point Tory lead is just what Dr Pickles ordered.
3. Tory Bear is disgusted by a Tweet from Labour's new poster girl, Bevanite Ellie.
4. Coffee House asks if the climate is cooling.
5. Andy Sparrow on the dilemma facing the Standards Committee over David Curry.
6. Tom Harris decries a sick spectator sport.
7. Bob Piper decries elected mayors.
8. LibDem Voice accuses Nick Clegg of engaging mouth before brain.
9. Clive Davis on the Climate Change War.
10. Dear Tony Blair, You're a war criminal, writes Letters from a Tory.
11. Devil's Kitchen on the launch of Nigel Lawson's new global warming think tank.
12. Craig Murray has a very clever little boy.


James Higham said...

Bob Piper would.

Anonymous said...

Shane and Eric must be devastated by the ARS poll then.
Still they must be pulling strings because it does not feature on SKY's front page, nor the BBC's and nor the BBC's Political page

WUWT is speculating that the Hadley CRU was not hacked but that the file containing the FoI info was inadvertently made 'piublic'.
Cock up not conspiracy

ukipwebmaster said...

This just in:
Explosive revelations about Neil Kinnock:

Anonymous said...

The new internet poll not on the TV?

I didn't see the more newsworthy Ipsos/MORI one there either, in fact it was not published for a week after it was completed.

The apparently foreign internet one was rushed out within a couple of hours of its completion for propaganda purposes.

Chris Paul said...

As Trevor says given Shane's "analysis" the ARS poll must be terrible news for the Cons.


1. Does Tory Shaxper own ARS?
2. Does Tory Ashcroft own ARS?
3. Did ARS use YouGov or otherwise Ashcroft related PHi panel(s) to find their "balanced" sample?
4. What are PB doing jeering at ipsos MORI for actually using random stratified sample?
5. What are PB doing employing Canucks to do UK polling?

And on Bevanite Ellie:

Twas a grown man and a councillor who made the joke about Baroness Thatcher perhaps falling down the Number 10 stairs. How we all laughed. (Joking). BE merely RT'd it. Yet ToryBear aka Harry Cole attacked and bullied the young woman rather than taking on the grown male perpetrator?

Reflects very badly on conbloggers. Harry Cole of course being an encourager of traffic cone stealing and Facebook stalking in his younger days. The week before last.

BE stated very clearly many hours ago that she wishes no harm to befall the dear old lady. Whereas Kenny Everett really did want to bomb Russia and kick away Michael Foot's stick, watch him fall over. Or was he just having a laugh? Thatcher laughed her socks off .. caught on video.

Hamish said...

Just checked two of the dozen.
They both mentioned Mr Dale.
What a coincidence.
But both entertaining, I must admit.

Anonymous said...

Chris Paul is quite right about the Tory Bear bullying, pretty pathetic even by the standards of the raving right.

When I got the initial anti Thatcher RT I commented that she is too old to be blamed for anything.

But that was a bit po faced of me. many lives were blighted by her ghastly deliberate deflation going into the early '80s recession, her revenge on the miners for the fall of the Heath Government.

I don't recall any significant tory blogger criticising fellow cyanide henrys' disgusting obscene attacks on Gordon Brown, some of which originated in the Dully Maul, or on other Labour figures, women being a particularly popular target with many of the common tory misogynists.

ToryBear, trolling twit, should remove the sawdust from his own eye before he gets sensitive about Mrs Thatcher, who most likely could not care less.