Friday, November 20, 2009

The Total Politics Top Political Journalists

For the second year running, Total Politics has conducted it's Top 100 Journalists poll, asking its readers, MPs and journalists themselves to vote.

1. (+3) Nick Robinson
2. (-1) Evan Davis
3. (-1) Jeremy Paxman
4. (+9) Adam Boulton
5. (+18) Eddie Mair
6. (+1) Andrew Marr
7. (+22) Jon Snow
8. (+3) Quentin Letts
9. (+22) James Naughtie
10. (-4) Martha Kearney
11. (-1) Peter Riddell
12. (-9) Matthew Parris
13. (+1) Simon Hoggart
14. (-9) John Humphrys
15. (-7) Andrew Rawnsley
16. (+16) Carolyn Quinn
17. (+1) Simon Walters
18. (+36) Edward Stourton
19. (+18) John Pienaar
20. (+7) Ann Treneman

You can see the full list of 100 HERE. In the magazine, we carry separate lists as voted by MPs from different parties. Perhaps the most interesting result was that Tory MPs voted the BBC's Laura Kuennsberg as their number one. The journalists also voted on their own and their results are HERE. There are some quite revelaing variations from the main list.

I also asked my blog readers to vote separately. So here are the Iain Dale's Diary Readers Top 50 Political Journalists...

1. Matthew Parris (The Times)
2. Fraser Nelson (Spectator)/(News of The World)
3. Andrew Neil (BBC)
4. Paul Waugh (Evening Standard)
5. Quentin Letts (Mail)
6. Jeremy Paxman (BBC)
7. Adam Boulton (Sky News)
8. Benedict Brogan (Daily Telegraph)
9. Simon Walters (Daily Mail)
10. Jeff Randall (Daily Telegraph)
11. Boris Johnson (Daily Telegraph)
12. John Humphrys (Radio 4)
13. Eddie Mair (Radio 4)
14. Trevor Kavanagh (The Sun)
15. Daniel Hannan (Daily Telegraph)
16. Nick Robinson (BBC)
17. Daniel Finkelstein (The Times
18. Evan Davis (Radio 4)
19. John Redwood
20. Peter Oborne (Daily Mail)
21. Andrew Gimson (Telegraph)
22. Matthew D'Ancona (Sunday Telegraph)
23. Simon Hoggart (Guardian)
24. Charles Moore (Daily Telegraph)
25. Edward Stourton (Radio 4)
26. John Pienaar (BBC) TV & (FiveLive)
27. Ann Treneman (Times)
28. Jon Snow (Channel 4 News)
29. Gavin Esler (BBC)
30. Tom Bradby (ITV News)
31. Andrew Rawnsley (The Observer)
32. Andrew Pierce (Daily Telegraph)
33. James Landale (BBC)
34. Peter Riddell (The Times)
35. Joe Murphy (Evening Standard)
36. George Pascoe-Watson (The Sun)
37. Christopher Booker (Sunday Telegraph)
38. Peter Allen (FiveLive)
39. Simon Jenkins (Guardian/Sunday Times)
40. Simon Mayo (FiveLive)
41. Rachel Sylvester (The Times)
42. Martha Kearney (Radio 4)
43. Robin Lustig (Radio 4)
44. Michael Crick (BBC)
45. Krishnan Guru-Murthy (Channel 4 News)
46. Jeremy Clarkson (Sunday Times
47. Andrew Marr (BBC)
48. James Naughtie (Radio 4)
49. Jonathan Dimbleby (Radio 4)
50. Laura Kuenssberg (BBC)


Stepney said...

Oh that can't be true surely.

No Junior James MacIntyre in the top 50?


Scott said...

Andrew Marr is a chat show host.

Unknown said...

Do a 50 worst list too

Unsworth said...

Note the huge discrepancies.

"readers, MPs and journalists" vs "blog readers".

Which is more representative of public opinion do you suppose?

Dave H said...

Minor detail, but it's Kuenssberg, one n, two s (don't know the plural of s. Esses looks daft).

WV=iranneen. Make your own.

strapworld said...

Robinson Number One? What strange readers to your magazine you have.

At least your blog followers have more polictical sense!

Malcolm Redfellow said...

Clarkson is a political journo?

If that matches the criterion, say no more.

Prodicus said...


Rogue apostrophe, opening sentence. No meed to publish this.

Michael Heaver said...

I'm guessing the lack of popularity among politicians is what heard Fraser Nelson in the main ranking.

Victor, NW Kent said...

Benedict Brogan was easily the top political journalist of the year. No other journo has had such an influence on British politics in a single year.

Anonymous said...

Says something about your readers that such a right wing crew dominate the top 10. Why are people so scared of reading views they disagree with?

Ben said...

Laura Kuenssberg below Evan Davies? Can't be right.

Genie said...

She looks like a kinda strangled Monty Pythonesque maggot

thehoatzin said...

90% or more of those people are on much too friendly terms with the people they're supposed to be keeping tabs on.

Ian Hislop and Rory Bremner make more acute observations on our political life that most of those muppets who know when to draw the line and always refrain from asking 'the question'

Anonymous said...

I gather there are queries as to when you will produce your 100 top 100s? (Bienkov)

BUT have you thought of charts as put out by the Guardinid on molluscs etc?

An atlas of expat commenters & bloggers perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Oh, and who was pointing oyt that LauraK is a tory troll rather than a journo weeks back . . .?

Anonymous said...

Your readers who chose former Young Conservative National Chairman Nick Robinson over LauraK may have better judgement than the Tory MPs, disquieting . . .

Trixy said...

On the journo list, Dave Wooding works for The Sun.