Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tim, Tom? What's In a Name?

I think if I were Timothy Kirkhope MEP I might be phoning m'Learned Friend tonight... This is from the website which is covering the jailing of former UKIP MEP Tom Wise. Unfortunately they have used a picture of Tory MEP Timothy Kirkhope to illustrate the story. They do quote him at the end of the story, to be fair, but you'd have thought a picture of Tom Wise might be more appropriate over that particular headline!

Shall we have a bet on how long they now take to replace the pic?

UPDATE Thur 10am: The pic has now been changed and an apology printed.


bnzss said...

Ok, that's the MEP down, now for a few hundred MPs.

I'm offering superb odds if you want to bet on nothing happening whatsoever.

Archbishop Cranmer said...

Ah, great minds.

And His Grace thought he was quick off the mark with this one. He even captured his own screenshot. He is evidently but an amateur, and shall stick to what he does averagely.

................................. said...

He is very ugly though, isn't he...?