Monday, November 16, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Monday

1. ConservativeHome says beware of Tom Baldwin.
2. Tory Bear on a flawed Labour Party political broadcast.
3. Mark Pack on The Wardman Wire on the benefits on turnout of weekend voting.
4. Mike Rouse on exporting kids to Australia.
5. Ellee Seymour takes on Norfolk vicars over Liz Truss.
6. Conservative History Journal asks if Frank Johnson was really a Conservative.
7. SNP Tactical Voting on the chances of a minor party winning a seat at the election.
8. Ed Vaizey discovers a government policy that isn't working.
9. Alastair Campbell says Fiona Millar whipped Toby Young's ass on Sky.
10. Paul Waugh on the Labour candidate who is lower than vermin.
11. Nick Robinson on plotters, fighters and quitters.
12. Donal Blaney on how to boost charitable giving in Britain.

1 comment:

Kate j Norden said...

I don't worry that anyone will take the latest Labour broadcast too seriously. In a very Hovis way, they appear to be taking the credit for single handedly defeating racism, fascism, class immobility...