Sunday, November 22, 2009

The 7 Days Show Podcast: Episode 3

Welcome once again to The Seven Days Show podcast hosted by Jonathan Sheppard and myself. In this week’s episode we talk about the Queen’s Speech; the Electoral Commission’s bizarre decision to allow a donation to the Lib Dems; our new European President (including two awful impressions of a Liverpudlian accent); the awful possibility of a hung Parliament; the terrible floods in Cumbria – and why the climate change fanatics will use it as further evidence of man made climate change, and finally the possibility of locally elected Police Commissioners.

You can listen to the programme via iTunes (search for Tory Radio) or click HERE.


@molesworth_1 said...

Links not working Iain...

Tapestry said...

The awful prospect of a 'Hung Parliament'?

This is the expected and predicted beginnings of the programme to rig the next election with postal vote fraud and ballot box overnight tampering.

Before an election can be rigged, first the outcome they have already decided upon (the Hung Parliament), has to be entered into the national psyche as a distinctly possible outcome.

Before Cameron's post-Lisbon repatriation of powers speech, there was no suggestion of a Hung Parliament, and the 'system' was apparently content to permit Cameron a small majority.

But as soon as Cameron had stated his determination to renegotiate, Ken Clarke was the first to start talking about the 'Hung Parliament'. (Hezza had also mentioned it on BBC)

Since then it has become the media narrative.

Look at your climate change post below, and realise that a country that permits science, or even military intelligence pre-Iraq to be manipulated to political ends, also has no compunction about manipulating the results of elections in similar vein.

The sad part of it is that Brits still believe a single word they are told in the media. When at last will the scales fall from peoples' eyes?

And how will Cameron respond?