Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Cherie Story Hits the Headlines at Last

Have been outof action for several hours but I gather the blog campaign to highlight the Cherie/Hutton story has succeeded rather well. Well done everybody! I am told by the ITN Westminster team that they will be covering it on their 10.30 programme.
From Iain Dale's Blackberry


Anonymous said...

...as did PM on Radio 4 earlier this evening, with an interview with Stewart Jackson (writes a PM staffer)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous....it was a decent piece too. I think it's pretty clear that whatever ones views on the Hutton report itself, the shabby selling of it as a memento was beyond the pale.

Day's after this story broke, I am still staggered at the 'mindset' that failed to trigger warning bells that this might be a really bad idea...Cherie Blair should be utterly ashamed, and now should have the guts to make a very public apology.

Anonymous said...

Last night's ITV News at 10.30 covered it in some depth too - however, you won't be surprised to hear that BBC News at 10 didn't even mention it!

(I'm not really a sad person who watches back to back news bulletins - just curious to see if BBC TV would cover this.....)

Anonymous said...

Blimey, Simon, careful what you say.
Does any of us actually want to switch on the TV to see a red-eyed Cherie Blair blubbing about the pressures of being the presiden--oops, sorry--the prime-ministerial consort *again*?

neil craig said...

This story has, after a number of days, made the dead tree media only because the blogsphere & ultimately you Iain have pushed it. David Cameron owes you personally on this & I hope he knows it.