Friday, May 19, 2006

Little Red Book: It Now Officially Exists!

We've just collected 600 copies of the Little Red Book of New Labour Sleaze from the printers in Docklands and the rest are being delivered to our distributors in East London. If we get back to Kent in time we hope to get some of the press review copies off in the post tonight, but the traffic for the Blackwall Tunnel is awful. The book looks fantastic - rather more substantial in weight than I was imagining!
From Iain Dale's Blackberry


Anonymous said...

I think that every Tory and Lib Dem campaigner should get a copy - its the beginning of the end for New Labour. Well done for an amazing project. I am going see if I can find a sponsor to pay for us to order enough for each of our Conservative Cllrs. We have 25 and a PPC - any discount for bulk orders to one address?

Anonymous said...

How big was the total print-run, or is that commercially-sensitive?

James at said...

Outstanding work Iain!
Of course, I can vouch for at least 1/100 th of this book being witty, cutting and revealing... because I wrote it!