Saturday, May 20, 2006

Blogging Eurovision

As I might have mentioned before, I LOVE the Eurovision Song Contest. So I thought what better way of spending an evening than sharing my thoughts on tonight's extravaganza with you? I'll give each song a mark out of ten together with a pithy comment. Feel free to share in the experience in the comments section. You know you want to...

Switzerland - 7 - what on earth is that hat the lead singer has on?
Moldova - 4 - didn't know Rio Ferdinand was a singer!
Israel - 4 - boring. Never wear w hite suit. Especially when sitting on a black piano.
Latvia - 8 - barbershop-tastic!
Norway - 8 - remember Northern lights by Renaissence?
Spain - 3 - so good at football, so shite at singing...
Malta - 6 - was that medallion really necessary?
Germany - 7 - was that really Queenie from Black Adder?
Rumania - 7 - rather catchy I thought!
FYR Macedonia - 6 - no no no
Russia - 8.5 - great mullet, great song
Denmark - 7 - The Twist - as Wogan said, but not as we know it
Bosnia - 7.5 - tipped as the winner. Not sure.
Lithuania - 7 - Oh no you're not
UK - 8.5 - love it!
Greece - 7 - she's trying too hard
Finland - 8.5 - Fab! Not exactly typical Eurovision!
Ukraine - 5 - very Kossacky
France - 5 - tres dreary
Croatia - 5 - never wear national costume. Looks desperate.
Ireland - 5 - Brian Kennedy is an excellent singer. Song is dross
Sweden - 8.5 - Invincible. it might be. Sounds like a winner to me
Turkey - 5 - how many boos will it get from the Greek audience?
Armenia - 6 - not a bad debut

Overall I think the songs are of a higher quality than norma, although that's not saying a lot. Roll on the best part of the evening - the voting! UPDATE: I cannot believe it - after 49 years they've changed the voting system and ruined the fun! UPDATE: The voting this year is even more political than normal. And that's saying something.


dizzy said...

I thought I was shameless when I blogged the first night of Big Brother but you've just managed to take it to a whole new level! ;-)

Anonymous said...

The fact that you're blogging this makes me feel so much better about the fact I'm watching it!!

I'm sure it was better when the rule was in place that the entrants had to sing in their country's language, the songs aren't enhanced by being able to understand the words!

Martin Curtis said...

Mmmm - blogger is playing up tonight.

Anyway - Lordi to win, go Lordi.

I'm off to get a life :>)

Anonymous said...

This is the saddest live blog idea yet, Iain!

Although there are different kinds of sad, I suppose. For most of the day I've been looking forward to watching the second part of Doctor Who's battle with the Cybermen. I'm off to watch my recording of it now. I'll leave you to "enjoy" the Eurosinging.

I may rejoin you later to blog the always political voting...

Jonathan Sheppard said...

I can't take any more!! Iain you are a glutten for punishment!

Martin Curtis said...

Lithuania were excellent.

Bet you give Lordi 0

Martin Curtis said...

Go Lordi.

As a huge KISS fan I was even more impressed - he waswearing Gene Simmons' boots.

Lordi 10

Gareth said...

I supose this is one way of coming out of the closet.

One of the benefits of living in Canada is that we're not subjected to this Europap. Instead we get country music.

Jonathan Sheppard said...

Country music a benefit??

Pickles said...

I think it's fair to say you're flagging - you've given a 5 to the last four entries. Is it getting to that time when they all sound the same?

Anonymous said...

Very clever the UK entry to use those school uniforms and ooooh those short skirts - has to be worth at least an extra point per voting jury and therefore a top three place is guaranteed, maybe better - must rush to get onto Betfair!

Martin Curtis said...

text 17 to 61166

over and over and over again

My head says Sweden, my heart says Lordi (having given up on UK - although I would love it)

Ross said...

{Instead we get country music.}

Well if you had Eurovision you would get german country music!

Is the croatian entry, Severina, the er rather famous, nay legendary, Severina Vuckovic? I've admired her previous work.

Martin Curtis said...

They've ruined the voting!!!!

Martin Curtis said...

Gene Simmons lookalike with Lordi -must win now!!!!

Martin Curtis said...

This is nearly as good as sex - go Finland! Go Finland!
(wow! never thought I would ever find myself saying that!!)

30 points ahead.

Anonymous said...

Ukraine gives Russia 12 points and says "Please don't turn off the gas"!

Anonymous said...

w00t. I won 210 squids on Finland!

Martin Curtis said...


Finland have won!!!!

So it's either Iron Maiden or Motorhead for the UK entry next year!!

Alfie said...

Unfortunately Iain, I am old enough to remember performances in the late fifties, very early sixties by 'The Allisons' - a 2 man combo singing 'Are you sure', Ronnie Carroll, a fifties crrooner with the slickest DA hairstyle you ever did see singing Ring a ding girl' - and of course, the legendary Pearl Carr and Teddy Johnson, singing Sing little birdy.........

Oooooooh 'eck, I can still remember Katie Boyle's voluminous dresses, acres and acres of material swishing as she sashayed across the stage with her perfect french accent......

dizzy said...

It's like a coccaine cartel just with points!