Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Latest from the Reinstate Roger Helmer Campaign

A press release just received from the campaign to reinstate the Conservative whip to Riger Helmer MEP.

Today (May 25th) marks the first anniversary of Roger Helmer MEP’s suspension of the Conservative whip in the European Parliament. On March 3rd 2006 three young Conservative Party members established, a web based campaign to have the Conservative whip restored to Roger. Since its launch the campaign has attracted a huge amount of support and press coverage, both at a local and a national level. Recent supporters to the campaign include Ann Widdecombe MP (Maidstone & The Weald), John Redwood MP (Wokingham) and the Right Honourable Lord Tebbit CH. The campaign is also supported by over 500 parliamentarians, councillors, party officials and party members. Richard Hyslop, co founder of the campaign said, “Over the last year Roger has remained a loyal member of the Conservative Party and has worked tirelessly for his East Midlands constituents, a point reflected in the huge amount of regional support he has received. While Roger has remained a loyal and has supported David Cameron other Conservative MEPs have not.” Richard went on “We urge those who have it within their power to reinstate Roger to the Conservative whip in the European Parliament, not only to reward his loyalty and tireless work but also to address the wrong of his suspension in the first place – after all, by highlighting possible corruption in the European Commission, all Roger was doing was standing by a manifesto commitment.”


Anonymous said...

This sounds disgraceful. Is there anyone prepared to offer a reason why this man shouldn't be brought back immediately. If so then Dave needs to sort this out pronto.

Anonymous said...

When is Cameron going to deliver on his campaign promise to resign from the EPP in the European Parliament? Could it be that he has realised that the promise was smart politics, but bad policy.

Anonymous said...

As the Tory policy is not (anyway: not yet) withdrawal from the Community, and the Tories want to change the Community, the only way to do so (while they are not in power) is by influencing the EPP. Leaving their parliamentary grouping is not the most helpfull way of achieving this.

If it's such a good policy, why hasn't it been implemented yet. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to write a letter of withdrawalto the EPP leadership.