Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Prescott to Give up Dorneywood

Just heard Prescott is giving up Dorneywood. I suspect it'll be the first of many things he'll be giving up. Loved the letter in the Telegraph this morning musing about Peter Hain becoming Deputy Leader and inheriting Dorneywood. The letter writer wondered who would be the first to dig up the lawns!


Ross said...

I'm going to predict that this will be the slowest house move in history.

Anonymous said...

Hope fatty doesn't forget the pornography. The writing is on the wall for Two Shags now. It is pretty clear those close to the PM want to get him now, and he is a liability. The newspaper reports of Prescott's grovelling to Blair over this may not have been true, but they could only have come from "a source close to the PM". And we all know what that means.

On another issue. You might have noticed Stephen Pound MP has had MORE to say on this! Could someone confirm if he is actually a member of the Government?! Beyond belief.

nadders said...

From the you couldn't make it up land comes a DPM quote from today's Telegraph

"A month ago I did not see why I should leave it," he says. "It was for deputy prime ministers' use; my wife and I enjoyed it. It was restful and, as we found on holiday, a place where you couldn't get bugged by photographers."

However, the photographs meant "if I walk around that open lawn listening to music on my iPod I'll be thinking about the cameras."

Now I know iPods are simple to use, but simple enough for DPM to use - I THINK NOT. Does this signify the end of ipods being seen as the must have life accessory?