Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Mark Oaten Saga Continues: No 94

One of the papers says today that Mark Oaten has been hawking around an article about his recent family holiday at Disneyworld. I hope he will avoid the slightly unfortunate quote he made to his local paper, the Hampshire Chronicle, recently. It read:

"Young people in particular feel forced to leave Winchester when they leave home as they cannot afford the rent."

Best to avoid that qword, I would have thought. Do make sure you have lunch before you watch the Daily Politics on Tuesday. We get to see Mr Oaten 'working out' in a Westminster gym. Just when we thought he couldn't make a bigger fool of himself he seems determined to prove us wrong.

UPDATE 5pm: Mark Oaten's beloved Watford FC have just been promoted to the Premier League, so at least he's got something to celebrate at last.


Anonymous said...

Will this never end?! What is it with the LibDems this year? They seem intent on making themselves into complete fucking idiots at every turn!

Anonymous said...

I have to say I am enjoying this saga immensely. I hope Oaten continues to behave this way, for it must be sending LibDem`s back to the fold daily. This, combined with Ming the Merciless foundering at PMQ's must be putting them back years. Though I disagreed with him on almost every issue possible, Kennedy usually looked the part(though admittedly there were other issues!). Now they are disintegrating and it is a pleasure to watch. Please keep reporting on Oaten's exploits.

Anonymous said...

Oaten speaks from experience and is one of the few MPs that leads by example, if Winchester is too expensive, go to Brighton and rent.

Craig Ranapia said...

Does this man ask himself, "What would John Profumo have done?" and then do the precise opposite?

Then again, Oaten is a pathological narcissist very much in the Clinton/Blair tradition - stop the presses. What's Belinda Oaten's excuse for allowing herself and her children to be exploited like this?

Anonymous said...

At the risk of spoiling Bonfire of the Vanities for younger readers, the principal character, after a series of public tribulations, becomes a 'professional defendent'. This is Oaten's post-modern narrative. He seeks to justify himself by redefining social norms until we are on trial and he is the judge. It may be a long haul, but it's his only hope for psychological survival. It worked for the Hamiltons, after all.

Anonymous said...

Dr Freud:

"At the risk of spoiling Bonfire of the Vanities for younger readers..."

Don't worry - Hollywood has already had a fair stab at doing just that!

(Incidentally, for books with a political narrative that appear to forsee the future, read Trollope's "The way we live now" and compare with Maxwell. Quite uncanny.)

neil craig said...

Perhaps he is merely doing a Hamilton - parlaying a dead political career into a way of making large amounts of money by humiliating himself for the media. If so he should resign his seat since this clearly conflicts with his duties.

Anonymous said...

Have just watched Oaten doing his health bit for the Daily Politics. Numerous references to his love of chocolate, and how he wants to put his past behind him. As the commentator said, giving up on chocolate would be a good place to start. Erm, quite.