Thursday, May 06, 2010

Join Me For LBC's Election Night Coverage From Midnight

I hope you will be joining Gaby Hinsliff and I from midnight on LBC for our election night programme - and indeed Nick Ferrari from 10-midnight. We hope to provide lively, intelligent discussion for a political audience, interviews with many top politicos, and a faster results service from the key seats than you'll get anywhere else. We're mobilising the blogosphere and Twitterers and are keen that blogreaders from across the political spectrum can feed in information, rumour and results. If you're going to be at a count or have any sort of information you think we might be interested in you can send in info in the following ways...

Phone: 0845 6060973
Twitter: @lbc973
Text: 84850

There will be a band of bloggers in the LBC newsroom using their contacts to pick up news from every region of the country and from their own parties. Charles Crawford, a former British Ambassador, will be concentrating on world reaction to what's happening. Peter Kenyon and Anthony Painter will be monitoring the Labour blogosphere, James Graham and Chris Hall will be doing the same for the LibDems, while Phil Hendren and Mike Rouse will centre on Tory blogs, whilke Nick Drew from CityUnslicker will report on business and city reaction to what's going on. My three colleagues from the Total Politics Party Lines blog, Amber Elliott, Katy Scholes and Emily Sutton will be trawling the minor party websites and other interesting sites. All of them will be appearing on air throughout the programme.

Alex Blance will be reporting on what's happening on Twitter, and we'll be getting our fill of swings and marginality from our resident psephologist, Gareth Knight. And for a bit of light relief, Olly Mann and Helen Zaltman from the Sony nominated Answer Me This Podcast will be with us throughout the night answering your wierd and wonderful political questions. Or not.

Anyway, I hope that's given you a taster and that you'll join us for at least part of the night. LBC can be found at the following locations

97.3 FM
DAB Digital Radio
Sky Channel 0124
You can also find LBC free to air satellite at 11222 H (52029) Astra 28.2°E

and you can listen live throughout the world at


miko said...

Have a great night Iain!

See you on the other side tomorrow.

New dawn

No more Labour thugs.

The country can emerge in to sunlit uplands.

All the best to everyone.

Anonymous said...

I cannot help but agree with miko ---- alsmost.

The reality of our socio-economic and military-geo-political situation will be exactly the same no matter who governs us. We are still in an insoluble mess which is inevitably going to result in less than optimal attempts at over optimistic solutions.


But they will be Conservative mistakes not Labour ones.

We hope ....

Hurrah ...

Martin S said...

I am off to a count now, Iain, notebook and Blackberry to the ready.

I have left a note on my That's News site advising people to tune in to your programme. Have fun!