Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. A Lanson Boy on the pros and cons of state funded primaries.
2. Mark Pack on whether the internet made a difference in the election.
3. Capitalists@Work on the middle class milch cow.
4. J Arthur MacNumpty analyses Annabel Goldie's reshuffle.
5. Party Lines reveals the winner of the Orwell Blog Prize.
6. Norman Tebbit on the 1922 putsch.
7. Tom Harris wants a post mortem on Labour's disastrous election campaign.
8. Rory Stewart on his first days in parliament.
9. Mr Eugenides issues an apology to Ed Balls.
10. Dizzy has a practical dilemma.
11. LibDem Voice takes issue with James Macintyre.
12. Mrs Dizzy is thwarted in her attempt to recycle more.

1 comment:

HampsteadOwl said...

Just a short note to write in praise of the coalition's early admirable record in job creation.

I see from following the link to Lib Dem Voice (not a place I'd normally venture alone after dark) that young Master Clegg has himself four special advisers. On top of that Norman Lamb MP is "chief parliamentary and political adviser" to the DPM and Danny Alexander (himself the proud possessor of two more special advisers), is also Clegg's ministerial side-kick when not charged with pampering the Scots. How much advice does this fellow need?

The Cameron doctrine of one SpAd per department seems well and truly squashed. Another victory for the junior partner it seems.

The intriguing issue of course is what I would call the guns of Singapore question. When the fighting starts, in which direction will this array of advisorial ordnance be pointing?