Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Miliband Spotting

Spotted this afternoon: the Rt Hon David Miliband emerging from 34 Smith Square. Can it really be that he is seeking to find offices for his leadership campaign in the building that the Conservative Party used to call home? Or could it be that he was visiting top political recruitment consultants, Ellwood & Atfield whose offices are in number 34?

I've never thought of DM as a potential candidate for new Tory MP Tracey Crouch's old job as Public Affairs Director of Aviva, but you never can tell!


Nigel said...

Did you listen to the Balls interview on PM ?

About 50 minutes in:

Bizarrely unprepared, and unable to answer a single question.
Yet another car crash radio moment. Weirder still, I felt genuinely sorry for him.

Jim Baxter said...

What a sublime pleasure it is to to watch the impotent rivalries of these toads now that we're free of them. It's reminiscent of a Randy Newman song - nobody has told them that they're dead.

DailBar said...

Are David and Ed going to be called Dedward