Monday, May 31, 2010

Presenting on LBC from 1pm-4pm Today

I hope some of you might listen to my LBC show this afternoon, and maybe even take part in the show.

From 1pm we'll be asking if David Cameron's honeymoon has been brought to a premature end and whether the Laws experience has revealed cracks in the coalition.

From 2pm we're talking to two newbie MPs, Gavin Barwell and Heidi Alexander, about their first few weeks in the House of Commons.

And from 3pm we'll be asking if the radical muslim university lecturer Nakir Zaik should be allowed into the country to preach his so-called messages of hate.

And at 3.30 we're talking to Rich Martell who set up a saucy student dating site which got 4 million hits in its first month, but it was closed down by his university and he was fined £300 for bringing the university into disrepute. Have you had a good or bad experience using a dating site?

To take part in the programme call 0845 60 60 973, text 84850, email or tweet @iaindale

To listen to the programme we're on 97.3fm in London, DAB, Sky 0124 or you can stream through the website.


Keir Hardie said...

If fitfinder is banned then that is the latest expression of the police state, pc-gone mad country we live in all thanks to the Labour gov...

Oh wait.

Libertarian said...

Well then I expect Rich will have left University ( waste of time and money these days) and gone into business for himself, oh and told the Uni to sit and spin for their fine.

If he hasn't yet then please pass him my contact details as I will more than happily back him in a business start up

wild said...

Yes Keir Hardie, everything is the Tories fault.

Michael Heaver said...

Have listened to you on the radio a bit already Iain, has been some good banter, keep going it's good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Full marks to for exposing the telegraphs hypocrisy in attacking Danny Alexander

there can really be no reason whatever for anybody to buy the Telegraph any more. Unless you intend to vote labour that is.