Friday, May 14, 2010

The Daily (Half) Dozen: Friday

1. John Rentoul with a Norman Baker primer.
2. Daphne Trimble asks: where now?
3. Jon Craig on Cameron's tartan turn up.
4. Rene Lavanchy on a brewing storm over Labour's deputy leadership.
5. Danny Finkelstein's top ten election jokes.
6. Hopi Sen on what next for Labour.


Anonymous said...

Rene reminds me - Brown gave us the election that never was, the coalition that never was and, initially at least, the defeat that never was.

javelin said...

You didn't mention Guido outing Spelmans agicultural lobbying business and now getting the agricultural brief. If what he says is true she should be told nit to turn up for work on Monday.

Ralph Hancock said...

If Matthew Parris ia allowed to eat his coffee mug in marzipan replica, perhaps you might get away with running down Whitehall in a pink knitted naked suit (as long as it has a giant knitted comedy phallus).