Sunday, May 30, 2010

Presenting on LBC This Weekend

As you may know I have been presenting the odd programme on LBC. This weekend they're letting me loose on the airwaves every day for three hours. I hope you'll tune in if you have a spare minute.

Saturday Breakfast Show, 7am-10am (in for James Max)
Sunday 4-7pm (in for James Max)
Monday 1-4pm (in for Jeni Barnett)

You can listen in London on 97.3fm, on DAB, Sky Channel 0124 or it's streamed live at And if you want to phone in you can do so on 0845 6060973, text 84850 email


Rush-is-Right said...

Good grief man... three hours a day on three consecutive days?

That sounds like hard work to me. The Rushmeister, (aka the Doctor of Democracy, El Rushbo himself) can do that but it takes genius of a sort to carry it off and stay interesting.

Best of luck. Seriously!

Anonymous said...

I will try to listen. I liked LBC when it was located near Dr Johnson's house in 1970s and early 80s, and the breakfast show was presented by Douglas Cameron and Bob Holness. It was its best period. That was the time when I returned from studies and work in the USA, and was wholly fed with Walter Cronkite. The LBC brand was good albeit the irritating Brian Hayes's phone in and Jeremy Beadle's quirky night-time phone ins. It is now more a Labour-supporting station and with Red Ken on Saturdays ranting. Your addition is very welcome.

Dick the Prick said...

Yeah, seconded. Have a good un. Seem to have had a few freaks recently, hmm, guess they're just blowing off steam but crikey, a bit of humour wouldn't hurt or manners even.

Unknown said...

Just for once I'll try and catch the paper review Sat evening. Could be interesting.
Good luck with the radio. Sorry i shan't be listening but I'm not sitting at my computer for that length of time and am rarely on it in the daytime anyway.

Rush-is-Right said...

Norman.... yes that takes me back too. Bob & Doug on the morning drive-in (such an improvement on the smug Brian Redhead on the Today prog at the time), followed by the ascerbic Brian Hayes. Good radio.

Unknown said...

Ian,I much appreciated you 5 live input last night and the constructive way you contributed.I worked with DL at Morgan G and can tell you he had no equal as a talented financial forecaster/analyst.He could be nowattracted back into the private sector and at a level of 'expenses even euro MPs would blush at!As one who has worked for the EC as I have he could also go to the european central bank/IMF-who badly need someone to succeed Strauss-kahn next year.He will get no hassle over 100 euros a month for local accommodtion or his sexuality -indeed they are more likely to query his frugality!Anyway I fear the UK [as an englishman who lives in france most of the time]are more likely to be regarded as even more repressed and contradictory than ever in their attitudes to both sex and money.

Lee H said...

Is it me or are the BBC desperately trying to bring down the government? Having listened to their output over the weekend I am finding it difficult not to think that they are doing the opposition's job for them, letting them reorganise and choose a new leader whilst talking about "fractures and splits in the coalition".

Hamish said...

"Presenting on LBC" Iain?
Is this you making good on your rash bet about the number of LibDem MPs?
I am not familiar with media channels in your part of the world, but I hope it is radio and not TV.

Anonymous said...

PS - 'theft' from the taxpayer? just look at labours huge wastefull and totally biased spending in the run up tpo the election.

Billions in theft.

This pathetic farrago (truly pathetic from whichever angle - whether it be the perpetrator or the exposers) is merely a pimple set against a mountain of deceit by the outgoing govt and their backbanchers.

Chucklenuts said...

"As you may know I have been presenting the odd programme on LBC."

So how odd is this programme then?

Unknown said...

Re David Laws, in the past couple of days I've read dozens of blog posts and blog comments discussing his sexuality that are well-intentioned, but which have rubbed me the wrong way. What I keep reading is the notion that "of course it's understandable that David Laws was desperate to hide his sexuality, because his parents would not approve of it, so it would have been perfectly reasonable for Mr. Laws to remain closeted forever if that's what he chose to do." I understand that these comments were intended to be sympathetic, but I worry that this line of thinking inadvertently reinforces the idea that homosexuality is something that should be "kept in the closet."

Suppose Mr. Laws had concealed a romantic relationship not with a man, but with a Muslim, Jewish, Hindu or Buddhist woman -- i.e., someone of whom his Catholic parents might have disapproved on grounds of faith. In that hypothetical situation, would people still be writing "of course it's understandable that David Laws was desperate to hide his interfaith relationship," or would they instead be writing "Good grief, David -- you're 44 years old! Man up and tell your parents the truth, and that you're sorry if they're disappointed, but this is the person you love and that's not something within your ability to change, or something you're willing to keep hidden."

Maybe I'm just wrong about this, but I can't help thinking that if Laws had concealed an interfaith heterosexual relationship, most of us would found it rather silly, and we wouldn't have regarded his desire for secrecy as a legitimate excuse for breaking the rules on expenses (however minor and technical his violations were, particularly in comparison to some of the house-flipping shenanigans revealed last year).

Please don't misunderstand me -- I believe every gay person ideally should be able to reveal his or her sexuality at the time, and in the manner, of his or her own choosing. I'm glad that so many straight people agree with me on that point. But what I DON'T want to see is people endorsing the idea of gay people remaining permanently closeted. People who are terrified to "come out" generally are dealing with internalised homophobia at a minimum, and in some cases full-blown self-loathing. Those feelings need to be overcome, not reinforced.

Anonymous said...

Bradshaw is shameless - no surprise there.

In contrast, David Laws might resign as MP, so ashamed is he. That kind of honour hasn't been seen in politics for decades.

Iain, you're a reasonable person, who can be trusted to be sympathetic; perhaps, when the time is right, you can persuade him not to make any rash moves.

Those who know me will be astounded that I support David Laws, given his expenses 'fiddle', but I believe that Laws is genuine and his going would be a terrible loss to politics.

We all make errors of judgements - even large ones - which are out of character, for which we are eternally ashamed. Surely a sense of shame is a measure of character.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I commented on the wrong post!

Osama the Nazarene said...

Managed to listen for a couple of hours today while driving back. Although the two subjects selected were extremely boring, votes for prisoners and the Queen's pay rise, you managed to make the two hours pass very swiftly and there were one or two interesting and amusing calls as well.

Anonymous said...

Listened to your presentation on LBC during its last hour. Very good and was very well done.

But the presenter who followed you, Nick Abbot was so scathing and vile about David Laws and his ridicule of David Laws and his Cambridge education was so OTT transgressing what can be said on air comparing himself and Laws that I sent him an e-mail message pointing out that he is probably a GCSE pass and hence jealous, and his presentation was just a rant and of poor qulaity. He did not read my e-mail message obviously. I also sent a complaint to the LBC about Nick Abbot's attitude. LBS has over the years dropped its quality and its presenters are so obnoxious that I rarely switvh on the station. Ferrari and you are exceptions. The rest are so pedestrian. Gone were the days of Douglas Cameron and Bob Holness.

kasou said...

ed again to Today, seems the BBC are trying to kill the Coalition...WHY.

Seems like thre is more witch hunting in the English press than the 13 years of Labour.