Monday, May 24, 2010

Did I Put The Idea in Griffin's Head?

Probably not. But with all the talk about Nick Griffin resigning as leader of the BNP, albeit in 3 years time, I thought it might be worth uploading a four minute interview Gaby Hinsliff and I did with him on election night, in which I suggest he ought to quit.

Have a listen HERE.


Lauchlan McLean said...

Gordon Brown claimed that itall started in America, Nick Griffen claims it all started in Africa, the only thing I agree with him on is the nation wide abuse of postal voting.

Mirtha Tidville said...

You can tell how bad Griffin is when even the BNP want rid of him. 2013 is a long way off...Beleive it when I see it

Malcolm Clarke said...

If you did plant a seed in his mind you did everyone a favour. Let's hope Collet does not get it because that guy really is crazy.

Patrick said...

Griffin knows that this is the high water mark.

no. lets hope Collet is the next leader. it will be like watching a car crash.

thou, i expect that he will do an "alec salmond" and come back at some point.