Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. Opposition Studies Forum says it's time to reform the voting in Speaker elections.
2. Modern Survival Blog suggests you start hoarding some tins.
3. Geraldine Dreadful MP writes to Dan Hannan.
4. Richard Willis on the design of the new Routemaster buses.
5. Revolts.co.uk is closing down. Boo hoo.
6. Paul Waugh spots a rule change for new MPs courtesy of Speaker Bercow.
7. Cicero's Songs remains unimpressed by the brothers Miliband.
8. Pink News reports that Ed Balls is apparently the most gay friendly of the Labour leadership candidates. Such a pity then that he is so dog ugly. Saucer of milk?
9. Luke Akehurst wants your vote, if you happen to be a Labour Party member.
10. Harry Barnes on Marx and the Milibands.
11. Guido on the Labour MP who may not have her priorities right.
12. Charles Crawford has a to do list for William Hague.


javelin said...

Germans ban short selling on bonds from midnight.

Liquidity and demand will fall. Who wants hold an asset you can't hedge?

Tomorrow may prove very volatiile. A lot of people care worried that there is some very bad informationh due out that will drive down gilt prices.

Basically the German Government is banning criticism. Zieg heil.

Unknown said...

Comment #8, amused me since I'd just looked at a curious artice & photo in the Scotaman website. One of their readers thinks the reconstruction of the 700 year old Englishman is curiously like Ed. I think he's got a point:


I suppose that sort of head injury might explain the blinking as well...

javelin said...

Thanks Merkel the Euro is down to 117 (from 1.23) yesterday.

Holy Cow

or in Merkels case ... Stupid cow.

She has effectively devalued the beloved Deutche Mark like Labour did in the 70s. I think the Germans will wake up to this and want her out.

Clearly politicians do not understand banking. There is a fundemental mismatch between politicians who want to borrow from money lenders and then tell money lenders what they think their credit worthyness should be.

Is this the death of the left-wing?

Osbornes leisurely spending review suddenly looks like it's going to need to be brought forwards. I don't think the markets have the patience to wait until the autumn George.