Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Daley (Half) Dozen: Saturday

1. Capitalists@Work says Gute Nacht to the Euro.
2. Douglas Carswell has some advice for newbie MPs.
3. Tory Bear on a tale of two launches.
4. Dan Hannan on how the BBC like to stereotype him.
5. Hopi Sen reports from the Fabian conference and is not convinced by Ed Miliband.
6. LibDem Voice on what LibDem activists think of the coalition.


Anonymous said...


Well according to the on line Telegraph ---- Frank Field is to be a poverty tsar and Will Hutton a wage equality tsar.

Good news about Field. Interesting to see the consequences.

wild said...

When the BBC interrupted their Monday night broadcasting to give us a live seminar from Westminister Green, with (the unelected) Lord Steel (the unelected) Alisdair Campbell and (the unelected) Lord Adonis explaining at great (and unchallenged) length why voters should accept the rule of a "coalition of the defeated", the profoundly anti-democratic Leftist bias of the BBC was starkly in evidence.

I found it chilling. It was one of the most shocking abuses of power by the tax funded Leftist broadcaster I can recall.

Only the (entirely justified) anger of [the ex-Communist Labour MP!] John Reid at the very end of the programme brought any sense of balance to the proceedings.

No wonder the BBC (essentially the broadcasting arm of the Leftist elite) seeks to label supporters of a free society as "extremists"!

I shall never pay my BBC licence again.

Never. Never. Never.