Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Daley (Half Dozen): Tuesday

1. Crossfire wants to take the axeman to Paxman.
2. Mix Together reports on Sunny Hundal's latest flop.
3. Cicero's Songs on the strange death of the Labour Party.
4. Ben Brogan on why IPSA is driving MPs nuts.
5. Tory Bear on Stephen Pound, homophobia and leftist hypocrisy.
6. Guido explains why the gilt markets like the Change Coalition.


Anonymous said...

I thought the Stephen Pound thing was really bad. At first, I thought it wasn't worth that much attention, as Stephen Pound had made a stupid mistake, yet he clearly isn't homophobic.

Yet some Labour people tried to persuade me that the language he used towards Sol Campbell wasn't homophobic. Which is palpable nonsense.

Tory Bear is right (for once).

Anonymous said...

Crossfire is right - I saw the interview and whilst (as most people will realise) i do not think much of Cable, Paxmans sarcasm grated. Its his only line of questioning these days.

I thought Cable held his line reasonably well, but could have simply said that as they are in a coalition everyone has to compromise. he could also have pointed out that he gets on better with Osborne than brown got on with Blair.

The Fink was right last night when he said that it ouhght to be easier for the coalition to agree to dissagree than it might be for a single party to control its inevitable internal divisions.

I for one am happy to see differences between individuals in a party or coalition. Where they get on dangerous ground is where divisions are based on personalities.

Weygand said...

Newsnight interviews have become routinely poor - and for all the reasons Crossfire outlines.

Last night, it was noticeable that the most interesting item was when Maude and Balls carried on a debate between themselves and simply ignored Emily Maitlis.

javelin said...

With inflation a 3-5% against a target of 2% and the BOfE continually making excuses why interest rates shouldn't rise it risks becoming a laughing stock.

With savings rates at 2-3% and mortgage rates at 3-5% the real base rate is 3%.

I can only think that the low interest rate of 0.5% is there to prop up the housing debt and the gilt debt. It serves no other purpose. We are up to our necks on debt and the BofE is playing fast and loose with inflation to stop the debt bubble bursting.

How the Conservatives can shift banking regulation to the BofE, whose reputation is fast vanishing down trading floor toilets is amazing.