Sunday, May 16, 2010

Election Stats: MPs With the Most Votes

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tory boys never grow up said...

The table might be more illuminating if it was presenetd with % turnout figures as well.

Jo Christie-Smith said...

Very interesting!

It does show you that, with the exception of Harriet Harman, women are not in the safest seats of any of the parties', hence why they're more vulnerable to swings between parties.

Anonymous said...

Lab/Co-op ... that would be a coalition then.

Poor Mr Timms .. gets more votes than anybody and then somebody stabs him.

Steve C said...

number of votes is irrelevant since constituencies are differing sizes
% of eligible voters (i.e including the didn't vote) and % of those that did vote are surely far more meaningful stats.
How many MPs got 50%+ of their eligible vote - none I suspect. How many got 50%+ of those that could be bothered to vote - more but still a small number I guess.

Simon Harley said...

It's interesting that John Major in 1992 (Huntingdon) had a majority larger than the number of votes Cameron received in Witney this time round.

Perhaps you would want to do a table showing the largest number of votes cast for a runner-up? Rees-Mogg in Somerton and Frome would be an impressive tally - it's a crying shame she didn't win.

Roger Thornhill said...

As @tbngu says, in fact RANKED in %age of registered voters would be even more illuminating.

Paddy Briggs said...

Proud to have been one of the 32483!

tory boys never grow up said...

Lab/Co-op ... that would be a coalition then.

Yes - but one of shared principles that is why it has survived so long. Coalitions of the principled and the unprincipled do not tend to be as durable as we will find out in due course.

DespairingLiberal said...

And the winner is... Stephen Timms!

Utterly appalling what's happened to him - hope he makes a full recovery. I don't think we have much of a democracy if voters are able to murder their representatives.

David Cameron was impressive on the tele this morning, but cracks are showing in the coalition structure. The real flash-points are yet to emerghe - increases in VAT and an aggressive policy towards Iran.

We have also to see what will happen in the case of Gary the computer hacker being extradited to the US on trumped-up charges aided and abetted by a supine NuLab government. Strange that the Millibands seem to have forgotten this case already. We will see if the new government behaves any differently. It will be a key test.

Scary Biscuits said...

This table is another example of how you can confuse anybody with statistics, especially yourself.

Steve C is right: these tables are lists of who has the biggest safe constituencies, not who is the safest or who has done the best.

Anonymous said...

Trevorsden said: "Lab/Co-op ... that would be a coalition then."

Don't be silly. They are lefties - no coalition needed as they are all part of the "Progressive Alliance". Only horrible, filthy, right-wing, psuedo-fascists and loonies need a coalition.

"Progressives" are righteous, clear thinking folk blessed by the god Marx and his prophets Gramsci, Lenin and Hegel and who deserver to be in govt. for eternity.

Moriarty said...


Shared principles? I wasn't aware of the LibDem commitment to ID cards. Thanks for the heads up!

Seems to me that under Cameron the Tories have indeed grown up and that it is you who are labouring under a purblind tribalism.

Keep 'em coming though. Your -cough- "humilty" in defeat is brightening my day.