Friday, May 14, 2010

Strike One to Eric Pickles

Well done to Eric Pickles for abandoning Labour's plans to create a unitary authority for Norwich. He's delivered on a clear pre election pledge. Local people didn't want the new structure and Labour rushed it through parliament just before the election.


Anonymous said...

Well done Pickles - good boy. Pickles of course has the undying gratitude of the nation for finding the World Cup in 1966. He still hasn't stopped barking. Instead of Beckham, Pickles should have been in Nyon handing in our World Cup bid.

Mrs Rigby said...

Will they get the election that was cancelled?

Penfold said...

One promise kept doth not joy bring.

There's a whole raft of things that have to be done before i'm happy; EU/Brussells/Bureaucracy/Rebate/Red Tape/Euro Bail Out/CAP/CFP
and closer to home;
Taxes/Incentives/Inheritance/Bureaucracy/Red Tape/Parliamentary Process/Barnett Formula/West Lothian.... and many others.

One of which is the need for an investigation into the acts of G. Brown Esq, whilst Chancellor, such as gold sale, and the decision to tax pensions.

So this juryman is still awaiting.

IanPJ said...

The Draft Statutory Instrument creating Norwich as a County in its own right has already gone through parliament.

Does this mean that he will now cancel this?

Unsworth said...

Maybe that's a small start to the very necessary withdrawal of whole rafts of utterly senseless and draconian legislation and diktat inflicted on us all over the past decade. But where to begin, eh?

I just hope that the electorate's collective memory is rather longer and more accurate than it has been in the past. This mess will take years to resolve, and NuLab wil do everything it possibly can to shift blame and obstruct. I'm watching the unions very closely, they are NuLab's shock troops - as NuLab is the reasonable face of raging communism.

Victor, NW Kent said...

A good beginning makes for a good ending.

Anonymous said...

'george' there is nothing to investigate re gold sale that is not already known and we also know that the decision to tax pensions companies went against treasury advice.

Your long rambling list shows that ypou ae living on a planet close to that inhabited by brown himself.

Its 'events dear boy events' that dictate policy. We pay our govt to react to events and get the best out of them for us. Plans? They go wrong the moment you put them on paper. That is the nature of plans.

'closer to home' ... We have the deficit and ever rising debt. We must eradicate the deficit build up a surplus and cut spending to make way for tax cuts which will encourage the growth needed to fulfil our spending ambitions.

The key factor to get across is that in the Brown years we were living way way beyond our means.

IanPJ said...

Not forgetting of course that in order to unpick this entire structural change in local government that Labour put together, Pickles will also have to take on the LGA and the Committee of the Regions in Brussels.

Unsworth said...

@ trevorsden

Not just 'react to', I hope. Good government will also 'anticipate' - witness Incapability Brown's inability to do anything at all because it all 'started in America'.

Hackwood Hexham said...

Shame he can't do the same with Northumberland.