Monday, May 17, 2010

The Daley (Half) Dozen: Monday

1. Pippa Norris analyses the number of female MPs.
2. Liberal Burblings has a novel idea for new LibDem peers.
3. Quaequam Blog explains how the LibDems nominate new peers. Complicated, or what?
4. Ben Brogan on the Osborne-Laws double act.
5. Stilettoed Socialist asks what now?
6. Ellee Seymour suggests Hazel Blears for Speaker. Really. Chipmunktastic!


Obnoxio The Clown said...

Oh for God's sake, Iain, you're not puffing that dreadful Bevanite Ellie's blog are you?

She's already unbearable, if her blog starts getting hits, she'll be completely insufferable.

javelin said...

Uk inflation 3.7% - ahead if expectations (3.5%)

Europe 1.5% - bang on expectations.

BofE keep saying that inflation has reached it's peak and it will fall. Merv King will probably EUR/GBP falling is the cause and when it rises inflation will go.

So WHEN will the BofE do their job and bring inflation down by raising interest rates. It strikes me the BofE are stepping outside their mandate and steering the economy and not inflation.

Inflation is the big risk as we come out of recession. The BofE are signing their own death warrant by playing politicians.

WHEN will the BofE stop BULLSH!TT!NG and bring inflation under control.