Thursday, May 06, 2010

Iain Dale's Diary Readers' Exit Poll

More than 3,500 of you took part in this pre election prediction poll. And thank you to the 750 of you who left some really constructive comments about the blog and politics in general.

How you voted

Conservative 64%
LibDem 17%
Labour 9%
SNP 1.5%
Green 1%
BNP 1%
Plaid 0.5%
Others 2%

Your outcome prediction

Conservative Majority 1-25 49%
Conservative largest party in Hung Parliament 30%
Conservative Majority 26-50 13%
Any sort of Labour majority 1.3%
LibDem majority 1%

Your vote share prediction

Conservative 37%
Labour 28%
LibDem 26%
Others 7%

Your seat prediction

Conservative 313 seats
Labour 219
LibDem 88
SNP 10
Plaid Cymru 5
Others 16

Let's see how accurate you are!


Unknown said...

Interesting stuff - my 'votes' are part of your poll, but how biased towards the Conservatives are your results as you're a Conservative blog writer?

javelin said...

I stick by what I have been telling the traders in bank where I work. Nick Clegg will sell out to Labour in return for a PR referendum after 4 years of supporting Labour. Brown has a duty to stay on. Clegg will sacrifice the short term pollution from Labour for a long term strategic advantage of PR. The BofE sets interest rates in Monday rather than Wednesday this week.

Unknown said...

No egg on faces, maybe smiles actually! But I see where you were coming from with the early swings.