Thursday, May 06, 2010

Tweet of the Day: Only in Norfolk

"One of the returning officers in Thetford saw a father
ask his daughter who he should vote for.
She closed her eyes and picked a box."

Tweet from the Norwich Evening News.


Steve C said...

Here's a view:
People who don't know who to vote for by polling day are either too stupid or so disengaged from the issues that they don't deserve the vote - discuss

Guthrum said...

Pretty astute if you ask me

Tory 35%ish
Lab 27%ish
Lib 28% ish

All want to form a minority Government and ignore the rest of the population, that FPTP for you, no legitimacy to form a Government

Anonymous said...

Isn't that illegal?

Not that I really care, you understand. :)

Simon Gardner said...

You can also find LBC free to air satellite at 11222 H (52029) Astra 28.2°E

Michael Heaver said...

Why bother going? What a waste.

Curmy said...

I heard Kevin Mcguire say at the last local election he looked over his son's shoulder to see who he was voting for !

rob's uncle said...

NFN - Normal For Norfolk [doctors' abbreviation - for what I don't know but can guess].

Not a sheep said...

No representation without taxation or an education?

Anonymous said...

Thetford enters the digital age.