Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Tales from Bob Piper No 94

Bob Piper always has a good yarn to spin on his BLOG, but I was delighted to see this little tale in a Comment he left on the Tom Watson story below.

"On the subject of the Brown-Blair business, I was out canvassing with one Midlands Labour MP in the General Election when, upon hearing of the fuss being created because Labour MP's were not putting the Leader's photo on their election address, promptly got on the mobile to his agent."Make sure Tony's photo appears on the election address" said the ambitious MP. About three doors down he stopped, phoned again, and said, "Oh, and make sure there is a picture of Gordon too!"

Why are we not surprised! Wouldn't have been Tom Watson by any chance?!


Anonymous said...

Had a late night, Iain?

"a good yearn"
"not pitting the Leader's photo"
"prompty got on his mobile"

Or were the latter two present in Bob Piper's original?

Iain Dale said...

My fault the first one, Bob's the second two. As it should be!. All corrected now. Thanks for being my temp proof reader.

fairdealphil said...

isn't it more likely to have been Gordon Brown....?

Anonymous said...

"Thanks for being my temp proof reader."

Don't mention it. Don't suppose you'd pay enough to make it permanent? (Not, of course, that you need one very often!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Iain
Has your fellow blogger Guido been nobbled!
His site has been down last night and today and I have used both MSN & Firefox to try and gain access????

Anonymous said...

Bob Piper is 94? Who would have guessed it. Looks younger than Ming who you alleged was 94 the other week. Clearly doing well for his age. He's got hair, and teeth.

Bob who?

Bob Piper said...

Anonymous... neither as much hair, nor as many teeth as he once had, I'm afraid. You've spotted the fact that my photograph is actually from my election address in 1966... but keep quiet, the electorate haven't noticed yet. Here's to the next 6 years and a telegram from Lizzie... if she makes it through. Does she still use telegrams, or do we just get a royal e-mail now.