Tuesday, August 29, 2006

How Many ex-DCMS & Greenwich Council Employees Work for AEG?

The revelation on the GreenwichWatch site that Rosa D'alessandro, the AEG employee who misrepresented the position of the Greenwich peninsula chaplaincy, is a former senior executive with Greenwich Council raises a number of questions.

Sadly I haven't got the time today to answer them, but I'll ask them anyway in the hope (and expectation!) that Her Majesty's Press can provide the answers.

1. How many other ex members of Greenwich Council staff do AEG employ, and what were their former roles?
2. How many former DCMS officials or advisors are employed by AEG?
3. What are their roles within AEG and do they undertake any form of lobbying activity?

I must admit that having heard their Chief Executive David Campbell on the Today Programme this morning I am far from reassured by their apology to the Chaplaincy group. It seems clear to me that there was a blatant attempt by AEG to misrepresent the position of the Peninsula Chaplaincy and they were found out. While the apology was welcome, the damage was done. I trust that the Super Casino Panel which meets tomorrow will take this into account in their questioning of Mr Campbell and his colleagues.
UPDATE: A further update on GreenwichWatch: We've just received an email containing the allegation that when the press tried to view the Dome's development plans at the Council's office, they were turned away and told to get permission from AEG and Freud Communications first. How odd?!


ian said...

Question 4: How will this impact on their sales of Kitchen Applicances?

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many current Greenwich employees and ex DCMS employees have enjoyed 'slavery' discussions back at the ranch?

Anonymous said...

what do u think of the TPA briefing posted on ConHome circulating among MPs...?

your views on its views of tory strategy wd be illuminating.

Anonymous said...

What are you trying to get at with q1 Iain? Are you implying that anyone who works for a local authority ought not to be allowed to work in the private sector thereafter?

Iain Dale said...

anonymous, clearly not. All I am saying is that when a former senior Greenwich employee is hired by AEG, a company that is seeking influence with the Council, it is not suprising if questions are asked. People who have worked for Councils are free to work for whomsoever they like. But if they work for an organisation which is seeking influence with their former employer they must expect to come under scrutiny. Do you not agree?

Anonymous said...

When you play with Australian, South African and US gambling interests you cannot expect them not to buy local govt employees - they are cheaper than govt ministers and are means to an end.

Why anyone is surprised at the chicanery surprises me, this is about as sleazy as business can get

Anonymous said...

Please take this one all the way. It's not that I am agianst Casinos, but...

SimonW said...

Perhaps the heading should have been

"How Many DCMS & Greenwich Council Employees are rewarded by AEG?

Anonymous said...

Prescott looks like Tony Soprano.

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time, the alleged passing of a few pounds to a lady of the noight in a railway station was enough for resignation, and the downfall of a Government

Now we see all the 'whiter than white' pigs at the trough, and every day is just another day of corruption

Greenwich is a done deal

and we sleep walk

Wake up England!