Sunday, August 20, 2006

Josh & Donna - Missing You Already

Call me an old romantic, but I just found this on YouTube and loved it.


Anonymous said...

Awwwww, I miss them so much!! Thanks Iain - heartwarming way to end the weekend!!

Tim Aker said...

What song was that used in the video?

Also, well found Iain, heartwarming stuff.

David Mercier said...

The West Wing complete DVD set out just in time for Christmas too.

As for Josh and Donna, thought I would hate the romance getting more time in the last season, but I think they did it so well.

Anonymous said...


We may not agree on much but have to side with you on the greatness that was The West Wing (Seasons 1 - 4 anyway...)

Anonymous said...

I missed entirely the whole season of west wing. Isn't those scenes captivating? Thanks for helping us reminisce the not so old time television drama series.

Anonymous said...

Fortunately, I watched the seventh season on More 4. If I was waiting for it to appear on terrestrial, or for the box set to be released however...

You might wish to add a 'plot spoiler' warning Mr Dale!

PoliticalHackUK said...

I don't think that C4 will run it on terrestrial. More 4 was identified a while back as the home of the West Wing. Ratings on terrestrial weren't very good - not helped by a rather peculiar method of scheduling.

It is probably true that if you care about it, you've seen it in one way or another - legal or otherwise.

It was one of the plot threads neatly tied up in time for the conclusion.

What's next?

Anonymous said...

I saw the thing after the last episode (the quiz show), and it was quite freakish - I was getting the quote, with attributions, before Bremner had stopped speaking.

It was rather worrisome.

I can't quote (too much) of TWW, but I can recognise it when I see it!

I'm really looking forward to 'Studio 60' now.

TWW was something that could have gone on, reinventing itself every four or eight years when actors got too expensive. I would have loved to have seen an Alan Alda Whitehouse (new broom, guest spots occasionally from the old hands). It was a logical place to stop.... but why stop?

What's to replace it? 'Commander in Chief'? (shudder... but now cancelled). Even 'The Thick of It' is on hiatus whilst off screen issues are dealt with.

Now, where'd I put those 'Yes Minister' DVDs?

Scipio said...

Brilliant song, brilliant editing and a brilliant programme! Never thought I'd say it, but it even beats ER.