Thursday, August 24, 2006

LibDem Blog of the Year Poll

If you'd like to vote in the LibDem Blog of the Year poll, click HERE. The award will be presented at the LibDem Conference. According to the LibDem website, "The award is for the blog that has done the most to promote liberalism in the last year."

My friend in CCHQ thinks people should nominate my blog after all I have done to promote the Liberal Democrat cause over the last six months. Very naughty. Having said that, I am a true Liberal in the old fashioned sense of the word, so why not?! I look forward to making an acceptance speech!

Seriously, this is a good initiative and will 'up' the profile of political blogging.

UPDATE: Apparently you can't vote, just nominate. Just to be clear.


Jonathan Sheppard said...

Yes and as I mentioned - they are having a blog ceremony at their conference. I hope we can have something similar - though Im sure the ConHome awards will be the event of the season when they take place!

So who are the Lib Dem runners and riders - that's what I want to know.

Theo Spark said...

Can I nominate myself. I just lurve Lieberals!

strapworld said...

Thought you may like to read the following taken from the Lib Dem site you pointed to, Iain.

This was asking for legacies......

A member of the Liberal Democrats died recently. He hadn't made a will, and had no partners or relatives, so the monarchy got the lot.

It's a lesson to all of us about the importance of making a will and keeping it up to date. Otherwise the monarchy or the government get the lot. And gifts to political parties are free of inheritance tax – so the Chancellor doesn't get that either. (Click here for the Inland Revenue's official guidance).UNQUOTE.

Anonymous said...

wouldn't it be hilarious if the Darbyshires won?

Anonymous said...

I think you need this link, Iain.

My own list of nominees would include Liberal England, Cicero's Songs, Stephen Tall, Millenium Elephant and Inner West.

Chrisco's LR piece on Frank Luntz is also worth a mention.

Anonymous said...

I Love Leah - you perhaps have failed to notice that the Darbyshires are ex-Lib Dems.

Anonymous said...

I've just posted exactly the same thought as Leah (re. The Darbyshires) on Guido's blog. I thought they'd disappeared, but they've merely moved to Singapore. (NOT FAR ENOUGH!) They don't seem to mention their LD credentials much these days - perhaps there aren't too many like-minded souls in Singapore?

On second thoughts, the award should go (posthumously) to 'The Leicestershires'!

What do you think the LDs might do with all the names & addresses they glean from this exercise, Iain?

Niles said...

Dear Iain,

You don't get to vote in the poll, they have a judging panel for that.

You can nominate a site on the link you gave.


Croydonian said...

Quite a telling quote Strapworld dug out there - *partners*. Are there a lot of polygamist / polyandrist LibDems?

PoliticalHackUK said...

Well, John Hemming has notched up 26 mistresses...

ian said...

Done most to promote the cause of the liberals, huh? What's the address of Milliband's blog again?

Anonymous said...


As someone who first canvassed for Malcolm Rifkind in a Wester Hailes tower block (Edinburgh, Pentlands in those days)I feel entitled to say that I couldn't give a flying flan what gender, creed, age, romantic inclination, football team or whatever a candidate is or is inclined towards.

I want the best person for my constituency.

If, following successful election, that person subsequently attains a cabinet post, then I accept that constutuency matters will have to take second place.

What bothers me about politics today is that it's just another career for most candidates. MPs of all parties have a better financial lot than the broad electorate and that's how it should be in recognition of the sacrifices they make.

But, election to Parliament is an ENORMOUS privilege bestowed on some 600 and odd people out of a population of 60 million.

Bliar seems to have forgotten that and DC's well groomed mane seems to be so far up his own arse that he can't hear the people. He's a breeder, so the boys aren't after him and he looks shite in trunks so even grannies don't want him.

Democracy - government of the people, by the people FOR the people.

Anonymous said...


Bliar-Broon-Bruiser Reid (ha,"fuck not health",ha) will be elected by default if the Tories don't get their arses in gear pretty damned soon.

Anonymous said...

"I Love Leah - you perhaps have failed to notice that the Darbyshires are ex-Lib Dems."

No Tabman, I have noticed - that's why I thought it would be hilarious, given their bitter diatribes against the Liberal Democrats when and since they left.

I thought that seeing as you paid to join the Liberal Democrats, you would have a sense of humour.

Obviously I was mistaken - I apologise.

Theo Spark said...

Only the Lib Dims could have September 11 as a deadline!!!!