Saturday, August 26, 2006

Programmes You'll Never See on the BBC...

8am The Big Breakfast with Eric Pickles
10.30am This Morning with Ann & Nick Winterton
11.30am Grumpy Old Tories with Sir Peter & Sir Patrick
1.00pm Fox News with Liam and Jesme
1.30pm Keith & Mrs Simpson
2.00pm The Darling Buds of Theresa May
2.30pm Just William Hague
3.00pm The Graham Brady Bunch
3.30pm Biker Grove with PJ & Alan Duncan
4.00pm Skippy the George W Bush Kangaroo
4.30pm Bill Cash in the Attic
5.00pm The Weakest Spink
5.30pm The ToryTubbies with Nicholas Soames
6.00pm Judge John Reid
6.30pm How do you solve a problem like Maria Miller?
7.00pm IainDale Farm
9.00pm Liddington Britain
9.30pm I’m a Conservative, Get me out of Here
10.00pm The George Osbornes
10.30pm Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Isaby
11.00pm Blue Dwarf
11.30pm Michael Howard’s Way
12.00 Conservative Love Island hosted by Ann Widdecombe & John Hayes


Anonymous said...

Just been watching the Edinburgh Tattoo on TV and fondly remember when we used to have a similar event at Earls Court ... didn't the new Labour government abolish the Earls Court Tattoo as being too expensive and too militaristic? Ironic or what?

Anonymous said...

Thank god.

Anonymous said...

But you can see the Labour version:

9 am "Labour Morning" with Tessa Jowell
11.30am "Cooking with Gwyneth"- a show to learn to cook healthy lunches.
1.00pm "Spinning News"- daily news show hosted by Alastair Campnell
1.30pm Mr and Mrs Simpson- a soap opera about the life of a Nottingham rebel: Stop the War rallies, Campaign Group meetings, fights with the Chief Whip...but always the lovely Mrs Simpson at home to wait for him
2.00pm Countryfile: the Kate Hoye diaries- Kate Hoey talking about the issues that matters in Vauxhall: fox hunting in particular
3.00pm MPs Behaving Badly- in her lovely living room, Jacquie Smith hosts thie 1 hour show about what happens to rebels. Bob Marshall Andrews as a recurring character.
4.00pm "Champagne Socilists"- a daily dramas about the troubles of Barbara and Ken Follett
5.00pm Reid's law
6.00pm The weakest link- discover who has been sacked this week.
7.00pm "Red Ken 4: Ace Point Game"
8.00pm "The Nanny"- weekly series starring Patricia Hewitt I’m a leftist, Get me out of Here- Walter Wolfgang presents this reality. Contestants: Jeremy Corbyn, John McDonnell, Diane Abbott and Bob Wareing
10.00 pm: "The miracles of Tony"
11.00pm Red Dwarf- follow the adventures of your favourite heroine: Hazel Blears
12.00 "Temptation Island"- reality show. Contestants: John Prescott, Clare Short, Helen Clark (the Petersborough one), Ian McCartney
1 am "The Gay Talk"- talk show hosted by Chris Bryant

Archbishop Cranmer said...

"I'm a Conservative, get me out of here"

Out of where?

The Shadow Cabinet?

Anonymous said...

Iain, I seem to remember a jingle you wrote on a previous blog which went something like....
Oh what fun it is to watch...
West Ham win away.
Given current results ,I dont expect to see that on TV either!!
Go Fulham!

ThunderDragon said...

Who were you planning to get on Conservative Love Island?!?!

The original is bad enough, and they're all very easy on the eye!

fairdealphil said...

Midnight Lover Island with Ann Widdecombe & John Hayes...?

That's a terrible slur on our MP. And not kind to Ann either.

This deserves a posting...

fairdealphil said...


did you see the real deal on the Derby defectors to LibDems...not all it was cracked up to be on Friday...

any chance of a listing?

thanks. phil

Anonymous said...

You forgot

University not a challenge

"Mr and Mrs" (now has to me 'Mr and Mr' or 'Mrs and Mrs')


To Buy and have a mortgage your kids can inherit

Escape to the Shopping Mall

Minor Injuries Clinic

Who wants to pay £400000 tax

Old dog - too expensive to keep alive

Scrapheap - you must be 45 and work in IT

Sunday Morning fawning and forelock tucking.