Thursday, August 17, 2006

Channel 4 News Morning Report Podcast

My weekly Blog podcast on Channel 4 News Morning Report can be heard HERE or via the More4 News Blog HERE.. I talk about the Ahmadenijad Blog, Guido's story of a Minister smoking a joint and my blog of the week is Slugger O'Toole. Also mentioned are Deep Stoat and Peter Hopkins.

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Deep Stoat said...

Thanks for the name-check; I am chuffed.

The article that preceded your podcast made the hairs on my ears bristle. It was the bit about Newcastle council employees being advised not to call each other "Pet"

How effing absurd. I have lived not only in Newcastle, but Bristol and Boston, and have never felt intimidated, belittled or otherwise abused by being called "Pet", "Moi Luvvrrr" or "Duck" respectively, by any person of any gender or age.