Sunday, August 20, 2006

Michael Portillo on Dr John Reid

It's not often I enjoy (or agree with) a Michael Portillo article, but today's effort in the Sunday Times is a must read for anyone interested in the coming battle of Reid versus Brown. Read it HERE.

When I was defence secretary he was the junior shadow spokesman. He
assaulted me in a Commons speech that was full of personal invective. His lack
of manners and taste left a lasting poor impression. But to cap it all, when I
met him shortly after in a corridor he was oleaginous and smiley. Politicians
who want to be both vile and pally earn my contempt. This attack dog likes to
have his tummy tickled, too.


The Hitch said...

Michael Portillo on Dr John Reid "

ooo er Missus it just keeps getting better

strapworld said...


I think Peter Hitchens, by reading his excellent column yesterday in The Dail Mail, is getting all his idea's from this blog.!!...only joking Peter keep at them.

Never let Reid off the hook about being a unrepentent Communist!!
He is a vile publicity mad
individual. Did you see how he placed the EU circle of doom flag in prominence over our Union Flag! That shows his credentials.

Iain, dont put all your cards on Cameron. My local tea leaf reader reckons he will be gone within a year to lead the Lib Dems!

DALE FOR heard it here first.

towcestarian said...

Tickling Dr Reid's tummy is a job for someone with a strong stomach. If we are loking for a volunteer, Prescott's mistresses immediately spring to mind as people who have survived similar harrowing experiences.

Anonymous said...

As a conservative supporter and a serving officer I have to say that Portillo is not fit to lace or lick John Reid's boots.

Scipio said...

MP is right. Personal invective is not required to make a political point. You can even be 'party political' and remain on good terms with the opposition. I have seen Reid at close quarters 'smarm' with Tory's in the HoC, yet slag them off behind their backs. A man shuld have he courage to stab you between the eyes rather than in the back!

Anonymous said...

"Politicians who want to be both vile and pally earn my contempt."

Err... that seems a bit hypocritical coming from Plotillo, who was perhaps one of the most vile politicians towards his own side in 1999-2001. Just read Simon Walters book for some prime examples, for a start.

Why doesn't Plotillo just be honest and admit that he's trying to blow the anti-Scottish "dog whistle" against Reid, because he sees he's doing a good job and the Tories fear him. Goodness forbid he could actually attack Reid on his policies, heavens, no...

Anonymous said...

If Michael were to start up an English Independence Party, it would become incredibly popular in a short space of time and have the potential to overtake the current corrupt, banana republic mob in Westminster (as viewed by voters in the rest of the country and indeed, most of the world - you only have yourselves to blame).
There is a void to be filled in England and an enigmatic leader is needed. Michael already has the respect of many thousands of people, for speaking out in support of English Independence. Whether or not he will tap into that support is another matter, but it would be very interesting to see what happened, if he did.

Anonymous said...

John Reid is a ruthless and unpleasant politician, even by modern standards.

Remember this:

"As my mother would put it, people from those lower socio-economic categories have very few pleasures in life and one of them they regard as smoking."

Now, what message does this send to those "lower socio-economic" pregnant women and mothers, damaging their children through short-sightedness? The modern pack of fags costs the best part of £5. Child benefit is £17 per week for one child. So, 60 cigarettes later, the child benefit is virtually all gone.

He is a man who will say anything for short-term gain, regardless of the facts.

Remember this:

"We are in the south to help and protect the Afghan people construct their own democracy.We would be perfectly happy to leave in three years' time without firing a shot because our job is to protect the reconstruction."

20 British troops have died so far on Op Herrick, in a constant series of battles with resurgant Taliban. Troops are overstretched, exhausted and inadequately supplied - it is due to their training, determination and courage that the death toll has not been far higher. These risks were foreseen months ago and anyone with military experience could see this coming. Nevertheless, Reid could not resist indulging in short-term spin. It's someone else's job now so his conscience is presumably clear....

Reid is someone I could easily imagine using "security" as a pretext to restrict rights in order to retain power, and as such is a thoroughly dangerous individual. Hmmm....let's wait and see....