Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Des Browne Up Against the Wall

James Cleverly is throwing his toys out of his pram over Des Browne's performance as Defence Secretary HERE.

Jonathan Sheppard has a revealing interview with Lord Bell HERE.


Anonymous said...

Apropos of nothing - google 'fuckwit' and see what comes up first - it's the official Govt. Bio of John Prescott!

I thought about sending a letter to the DT but wondered how they'd react to the word...

Anonymous said...

My father's father fought in Afghanistan during The Great War.

The family folklore is that
"you never saw them, son, just the smoke from their (locally made) rifles in the hills".

This f***ing shower of a government and their Siamese twin "somebody should do something" brigade in the media should be given rifles and forced to form a modern day "International Brigade" and be immediately deployed to Afghanistan. Then their boys can go out in a "Tone's very own Rifle brigade" with crap gear, crap toys and army lawyers telling them, after the event when they can shoot.
See who goes to hospital with a stomach complaint then.

Benedict White said...

Iain thanks for some informative links.

The war in Afghanistan will be over by Christmass, I am certain. Just don't quote me on which one.

What a shower this lot are, Clearly they need far more infantry than they have got yet they have ripped the regimental system to bits and reduced numbers.

Whilst on holiday in Weymouth I visited Bovington tank museum. It was not hard to pick up undercurrents of decent on troop numbers versues jobs to do.

Anonymous said...

its true la boheme is right up pops John "half wit" Prescott.Best laught this year.Everybody whoul do it

Anonymous said...

Just listened to Lod Bell on ToryRadio who has some candid words to say about the nasty party tag in the second part of the interview

Anonymous said...

Someone has a sense of humour at Google or Westminster.

Best laugh I've had all week.

Bob Piper said...

This is not a trick question because it is genuinely difficult to find out what their views are on ANYTHING other than hoodie-hugging.... but what exactly is, and was, the position of Her Majesty's Official opposition on the troops in Afghanistan.

Anonymous said...

Another 40 deaths and our great leader will declare 'victory' and our army will depart. The stupid twat will then blame France and Germany for not providing enough support when announcing the face saving timetable for running. How on earth do we beleive we can defeat the Taliban with one soldier per 16sq miles. 2005 was a record poppy crop. 2006 will be another good year fopr Taleban and poppy growers whilst Blair creates another 300 widows and orphans. Bring back conscription and get young tosser Euan to front line.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't care less if the Taleban run Afghanistan. If they want to take the whole place back to 1364, where most of them really live, let them. Last time they did that there were no drugs grown or exported. They saw to that! Now we are flooded with cheap heroin and our under resourced soldiers are being roundly screwed by the ragheads. Well done Des and NuLab. Hope you are proud of getting the lads steadily knowcked off while you spin your way into oblivion.

Anonymous said...

Theinjuredcyclist says
" I guess that it makes a good story though and, as the saying goes, never let the truth get in the way of a good story."
What story? There has been little coverage of the Afghanistan operation in the media.
Excuse me if I am a little cynical about Labour style "everything is in control" statements.
We have lost 13 soldiers in Afghanistan in recent weeks and that tells me that things are not under control.
John Reid sent a peace keeping force to fight a war.

Bob Piper said...

As ver... Pulsar has questions to answer questions. Beats having to provide answers, I suppose.

Bishop Hill said...

La Boheme said:

google 'fuckwit' and see what comes up first

It's done via a technique called googlebombing. The Prescott one was orchestrated by Tim Worstall I think. Unfortunately "complete tit" didn't work for Mandelson.

There's a post on it here although a lot of the search terms don't seem to work any longer.

"Liar" is still fully functional though - try it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bishop Hill - I had no idea!

And there was I thinking I'd scooped something...