Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hoby's Road to Nowhere No 2

Click to enlarge. Visit Hoby's website HERE...


Anonymous said...

Just saw these two stories on BBC news 24 online.
Tony Blair has always been at his strongest when taking on his own party and Gordon Brown.
But just wondering if Tony Blair has thrown the gauntlet down once too often. Just maybe the Labour party and Gordon Brown might be angry enough to grow a spine and take him on.
Could we see the opening salvo of a civil war at the party conference?

Anonymous said...

A. The cartoon - drab.

B. I stick with my prediction, guys and gals. Blair gone by the end of September. You read it here first - around six weeks ago.

Seen that he is now planning on giving ASBOs to unborn babies? Is he a little .... ummmmm ... deranged?

Anonymous said...

What would you know Verity?
Check out Hoby's website and then try to call his cartoons drab...

Anonymous said...

Tom said...
"What would you know Verity?" Who are you to ask, Tom?

You seem to like derivative cartoons using wanabee Americanisms. That is your taste.

The cartoon on USS Neverdock is of the same ilk, but cleverer and more off-centre.

You seem not to be able to tolerate an opposing opinion.

Anonymous said...


I thought it was bollocks as well.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Tom. The two posted so far on this site aren't his best but i do love his Melville strip on his website. This Hoby's got some talent!

Anonymous said...



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