Monday, August 21, 2006

Iain Dale Fantasy Football League: Week 1 Top Ten

So, after the excitement of the first weekend of Premier League games, here are the top ten teams in my fantasy league. If you have entered a team and want to check your position click HERE and log in.

1 Red Lions K J, 83 points
2 The, Peter Elliott 76
2 yiddos, ben green 76
4 Stealth Cyclist, Iain Lindley 75
5 Those Charming Men, paul linford 74
6 Never All Over, Dominic Llewellyn 72
7 Premier What? Mike Wood 71
8 Palace in the Prem, Daniel Harvey 69
8 sheva me timbers, S R 69
8 injured cyclists, tom amos 69
My two teams are in 65th and 106th place! Still, not as bad my Tottenham supporting friend Tracey Crouch who emualtes her own team and is second from bottom in 141st place!


Mike Wood said...

Sing when we're seventh
We only sing when we're seventh

Chris Palmer said...

Woah, just as well John Terry was my captain, otherwise I would have been scrapping the bottom.

Unknown said...

Should have had Rooney as my Capt.

ThunderDragon said...

Wow, as high as 99th! I'm amazed!


48th, still the first page of the chart. quite good, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I had a quick look at my position, and was not surprised. in the bottom ten in if i remember correctly
I know nothing about football, and my position says as much.
Is there relegation from this league?

Anonymous said...

8th...I'll take that after one week.