Thursday, August 17, 2006

John Prescott's Crap Comment: The Truth

Check back this evening for a bird's eye account of Prescott admitting that he DID say Bush is Crap. His office is briefing that he never said any such thing, but he should remember that walls have ears. Full details later. Such a tease, eh?


Anonymous said...

I don't think he has categorically denied the word 'crap' was used ? The wriggle room is that he did NOT say 'Bush is crap' - merely that his policy on the Middle East road map was.

This is quite a different thing..

Theo Spark said...

Wot no piccy

strapworld said...


Whatever proof you have nothing will be done. He is water tight with this PM.

What an absolutely crap lot they are.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is right, Ian. You'll never catch me out! I know where all the skeletonians and crap are kept.

Anonymous said...

Seems as though Prescott clearly does not believe in collective responsibility in the Cabinet.

The only collective responsibility he has is keeping Rosie and Co quiet over you know what!

Scipio said...

Fat,useless Northern Git!-He's got a nerve,a strait case of big fat pot calling kettle black I think!We all know the Yanks handling of the middle East crisis borders on the insane and George Bush is a imbecilic moron,but Tony Blair's refusal to condemn Israel's bombing of civilians and publicly "Kow Towing" to Bush at every given opportunity screams of gross cowardice,incompetence and criminal negligence not to mention treason,allowing a foreign government to not only dictate Britain's policies abroad but also to interfere with cabinet appointments and policy at home!I can think of a better word than "Crap" for those actions!And let's not forget the whole rotten barrel of corrupt,incompetent,sleazy,unpatriotic,selfish maggots that currently have the affront to call themselves our "Government",how they have managed to remain in power with so many blatant examples of their gross negligence and indifference to the needs of this country I just cannot fathom!Did they put something in the water before the last election to brainwash the "care in the community retards" who vote Labour to stay loyal to the sinking Blair flagship and pledge their support or was there an unreported outbreak of "Mad cow" disease that affects human beings and removes their ability of rational thought?I think the second option and we better find a cure quick and vote these cretins out of office before they do any more damage to our country!