Wednesday, August 23, 2006

A Fisking for David Blunkett is No More Than He Deserves

Thanks to Andrew Woodman for alerting me to David Blunkett's pisspoor column in today's Super Soaraway Sun. How this man gets paid a penny for his weekly column I just do not know. It's unreadable bilge which would do well to get a spot in the Ilkley Bugle, let alone Britain's best selling tabloid. Quite what he's got on Rebekah Wade we can only speculate. Anyway, before this develops into a Ronnie Corbett style monologue, let me get to the point. And the point is, the bearded wonder had a go at me in his column today for having the temerity to talk about immigration on the BBC on Sunday. His remarks deserve a bit of a 'fisking' if you ask me - my comments in italics. Do make sure you read the last para...

Fancy my surprise when I heard the Conservatives raise the issue of [Eastern European immigration].
Well, David, we certainly wouldn't expect you to raise the issue, would we? After all, it was you who reassured us that only 13,000 Eastern Europeans would come here. Remind us, what was the final number? 600,000, was it? Ah yes...
But which Tory? Was it David Cameron? Was it their Shadow Home Secretary? Was it even someone close to them, like the doorman at their head office? No, it was someone described by the BBC as a "commentator on behalf of the Conservative Party".
Oh David, you really are jealous aren't you. Desperate for another go in the limelight perhaps? And that wasn't how I was captioned on screen, as you well know. I was titled as "Conservative Commentator". But let's not split hairs.
This "commentator" was Iain Dale, famous for running a Westminster bookshop and being a (failed) Conservative candidate at the last election.
Banged to rights guv.
Nothing wrong with that.
How kind.
But if this is Conservative policy why didn't one of their big guns lead the charge instead of tagging along like the women who used to follow armies in the old days.
Well, sorry to burst your conspiracy bubble, Dave, but there was a very simple reason why I did this interview. I was already at the BBC to do their Sunday paper review. I was asked by Jo Cockburn to do a quick piece to camera for their morning news bulletin. Damian Green was already lined up to go on Sunday AM but they wanted a Tory comment on the Sunday stories about a new Tory line on immigration policy. I wasn't speaking "for" the Conservative Party in any official capacity at all. Indeed, I made the decision to do it without having spoken to anyone at CCHQ. I tried to speak to Damian and David Davis but neither were answering their phones - not surprising at 11pm. So, no plot, no conspiracy, I just happened to be there. Simple as that.
Perhaps it was because they felt Iain Dale might be able to raise the fear of the new immigrants brininging Aids into the country - without the Tory leadership being accused of scaremongering or scurrilous and outrageous exaggeration. A cheap shot if you ask me.
A cheap shot indeed David - and beneath you. Seeing as no one in the Conservative Party had the faintest idea that I was appearing they could hardly have "felt" anything. My decision to do it was based on the fact that Jo Cockburn was running her story anyway and I felt it best to have a Tory voice on it. As to your accusation that I "might be able to raise the fear of the new immigrants bringing Aids into the country" that is preposterous, as it was not something I was either asked about or even mentioned in my piece. As a gay man it's not a subject I would seek to make political capital out of, as you well know. As you say David, "a real cheap shot, if you ask me." But then, that's rather typical of you, isn't it? Best not do it again, or I might be forced to reveal how you used taxpayers money to buy copies of your own books from Politico's, wouldn't I? And that would never do, would it? No, we'll save that one up for your third resignation, shall we?


Anonymous said...

Miaow, Iain! I'm sure we'll all be treated to reading that last paragraph again in the Atticus section of the Sunday Times . . . .

Jeff said...

Typical Labour MP, half arsed facts and half arsed statements.

The Labour party realy is a case of the blind leading the blind.

(realy bad pun intended)

ThunderDragon said...

Well said, Iain!

Anonymous said...

"And that wasn't how I was captioned on screen, as you well know. I was titled as "Conservative Commentator"."

Perhaps he didn't know that. You know, in a way I think we should give the blind fellow the benefit of the doubt on that one.

Anonymous said...

Iain, considering the front page of the Sun today, you have to laugh.
Does anyone at that rag actually bother to look at the photo's/columns before they print them!
With a headline like that, you might have thought they would ask the ex home secretary that writes a colunm for them to comment. No instead they paid him to comment on your comments about the story.
But then this government is suddenly very concerned about the tories opinion on this subject. Anyone would think that they wanted to spin the story away from the fact that they are just incompetent and untrustworthy.

dizzy said...

He really does sound jealous and in need of being a talking head on tv doesn't he? Mind you Iain, would he really have seen the caption on the screen? Still, nt as good as Michael Howards "we both went into the Home Office with our eyes open didnd't we David?"

Anonymous said...

I had wondered myself why you were the commentator, Iain! Interesting to read about the haphazard way in which the BBC works. However, David Blunkett's line about AIDS is absolutely disgraceful. He should be utterly ashamed of himself.

Anonymous said...

Blunkett hasn't got a clue how things work in the big boy's world and if the Sun prints his drivvel I could be forgiven for thinking that it too has lost it big time, which of course it has.

Anonymous said...

Blunkett. The intellectual giant de nos jours. A man of towering integrity and ability. A former minister who demonstrated his integrity by 'resigning' not once, but twice.

Yes indeed, we all accept Mr Blunkett's statements unquestioningly. In much the same way as we now accept all New Labour pronouncements as being inscribed on tablets of stone.

Blunkett and his ertwhile cohorts have done more to drag down the reputation of politics and politicians than any other government, pre- or post- war. The sooner they are all cast into permanent darkness, the better.

Ms Wade, sadly, knows no better. It's obvious that she is in great need of help and should be treated accordingly.

Anonymous said...

But does Blunkett write the column himself or does he get a taxpayer-funded civil servant to draft it for him?

Anonymous said...

One thing about Rupert Murdoch - he always looks after those who have been useful when in office - whether slipping stories about colleagues, or leaking, or even just paying homage.................I hear the Blunkett gets £150k from doubt he was worth an extra year's Ministerial salary

Anonymous said...

I really wouldn't worry Iain. The only people likely to be interested in anything this tosser has to write have a reading ability limited to the numbers on their benefit books and/or the details in their dodgy passports.

Anonymous said...

This is envious nonsense from Blunkett. Firstly, we Tories aren't co-ordinated by Central Office like Labour's spin doctored troops. Secondly, Iain is not only a Conservative priority candidate, he is a senior Conservative who was the Chief of Staff to the Shadow Home Secretary, and he is also expert at arguing the Tory case on the media, with extensive TV and radio experience.

Blunkett's dig about Iain's homosexuality is truly disgraceful. The irony of his calling it a "cheap shot"! Nobody I know would make political capital out of the scourge of Aids. In fact, this dig at a fellow politician by Blunkett comes dangerously close.

Shame on him. And well done to Iain for (expertly) playing thye cards you were dealt, as I would expect from a seasoned media professional.

strapworld said...


Sorry, I obviously got off the bus at the wrong stop. Didn't Doctor Reid (Commie) tell us all it was in order, now, to have an adult debate (how this lot love 'debates')on immigration? Obviously nobody thought it necessary to tell Blankett about the change.

BUT idid you hear Mother Superior Ruth on today this morning. Another Kommission (to be ignored) and talk about so many bloody Kommunities! I am thinking of starting my own.

Seriously, we do not agree with them but surely the BNP and other right sided parties should be invited to participate in the 'Kommission'I fear though that it will be dominated by minorities who will tell the majority white population what they have to do to accept them!!

Iain, please keep your eyes on that Kommission please and advise us on the makeup, especially the Chairman.

Do not forget Leyton Orient are on Sky Sports live tonight from the home of football. West Bromish Albion are the sacrificial lambs!

Never forget in these multi cultural times that Leyton Orient had one of the very few Asian players on their books in the 70's, Ricky Heppolite.
Brilliant midfielder!

Anonymous said...

Don't be so rude about the Ilkley Gasjet. I've read it man and boy for nearly sixty years, and it's a damn sight better the the antipodean republican's porno rags.
Only trouble since they changed from hot metal is that you can read it now and see what the photos are of.

Anonymous said...

"I might be forced to reveal how you used taxpayers money to buy copies of your own books from Politico's"

Screw being "forced", we want to know, damnit!!

Anonymous said...

Blunkett's column like most items in Sun are written with a tangental relationship to the facts and do not merit a serious fisking since that would imply that some take them seriously. Blunkett is a loser driven by self loathing and a deep sense of failure. He is to be pitied rather than despised.
On the matter of his petty theft of taxpayers money to fund the purchase of his own books he will have an answer for that - legitimate departmental expense. How do you engage with a cunt who can justify his every fraudelent transaction by playing the victim card. Ignore the twat. Wade and Murdoch are welcome to him. Makes me almost like Fattersley. Time to lie down.

Anonymous said...

Iain - I don't want to sound pompous, but isn't using public money for private gain in itself sufficient reason to grass Blunkett up? I can see why you're making a light-hearted blackmail threat but actually he shouldn't have done it anyway.

The Military Wing Of The BBC said...

He's clearly still "on message", except he has not been told this message has been updated.

With immigration figures seen over the past week they can't keep coming up with that old line that anyone worrying/talking about immigration is clearly building cattle trucks in their garden shed.

Scipio said...

Iain, I am sorry to say that Blunkett is a moron!

Anonymous said...


You were introduced as "a commentator on behalf of the Conservative Party" on Radio 4 on Sunday night. This may be what David Blunkett is referring to.

Anonymous said...

Good to see the homewrecker still doesn't let the facts get in the way of his own bigotry.

Anonymous said...

Good on you, Sir, Velcroface deserves all he gets.

This is the true face of much of Labour - scratch them and they go into auto spiteful mode.

I think he's limbering up for more guest appearances on Today where he normally makes sly (the Scottish word sleekit is more appropriate for this buffooon) comments regardless of topic. Maybe someone can come up with the poison he used to spout at Sheffield in his glorious red flag days.


ps & OT

I take back the 'ironing' comment -
sometimes ignorance is, ahem, just ignorance....



Pointed, witty, apposite. Simply fantastic, Iain!

Anonymous said...

There's a report in one of the papers this morning that Blunkett is going to do a film or something for Dispatches about Blair, Brown etc...should make intersting viewing.

Anonymous said...

If the accusation of Blunkett using taxpayers' money to buy copies of his own books from Politico's is true, and I naturally assume that it must be, otherwise you would obviously not have made it, then what are you waiting for? This is surely a case of fraud and theft (and possibly deception) and should consequently be reported to the police without delay.

If any of us dipped our hands into public funds, or anybody else's cash, if caught we would expect to be prosecuted. Why on earth does it never occur to this bunch of liars, thieves and cheats that they will be treated the same way?

I look forward to seeing reports of his arrest!!! Maybe he can share a cell with Levy, Blair et al!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ever since you didn't appear on that first A List you've been very keen to do the Tory HQ's dirty work.

Did they tell you to buck your ideas up?

You got your reward in the end though Iain!

The Hitch said...

I for one would feel flattered that an incompetent, self pitying, buffoons stalinist bully like Blunkett disagreed with anything I had to say.
What exactly has this W***** ever got right in either his career or personal life?
He bankrupted sheffield, made sure the buses didn't run on time, f***** up education then spend his time blundering around the home office with his pants around his ankles like a character in a farce launching a "crackdown" on something or other at least twice a week all that sorting out dodgy visas and engaging in shady business deals.Clings on like a limpet to his free house and jaguar, I dont wish to be cruel but becase of his disability he wouldnt know if he was peckham rather than belgravia so that was all about ego. probably an even bigger tosspot than Tony Blair and that really is some stiff competition.

AnyonebutBlair said...

Blunkett hasn't got a scintilla of intergrity left. His was sold cheaply a long long time ago in the NuLab fire sale. A classic NuLab attack on a Tory for something they didn't actually say. But then again being attacked by blunkett is like being savaged by a horny minature poodle although I don't think he's a bigger tosspot that Blair (pushes him close though) I reserve that one for Brown

Jeff said...

Heard on sky news this morning that the so called ethnic minorities now almost outnumber the indigenous population of this country.

That is what the Labour parties imigration policies have achieved.

Will we recieve the benefits of being the minority when the majority rule?

I doubt it very much.

Blunket, Blair, Reid and the rest realy are proof that the lunatics have taken over the asylum(seekers)

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that Blunkett did exactly what you did yesterday with your Byers post. i.e. attempt to find deeper meaning/a conspiracy in something in order to make political capital.

You do it. Why shouldn't the other side?

Kevin Davis said...

This will cheer you up Ian, reported on the BBC this afternoon:

"David Blunkett's audio diaries are to be used as the basis for a two-part Channel 4 documentary.
The channel - which last year lampooned Mr Blunkett's affair with Kimberly Quinn in a drama - said the diaries would lift the lid on New Labour."

Scipio said...

Iain, Come on give us the facts about his books purchase. If he did indeed do this, then it should be investigated and he should be prosecuted.

If true, this just bears out so much about my fear over the Labour party's attitude towards my money! I.e. I make it, they take it from me and spend it on things that have no relevance to me or improve my life one jot!

I agree with the other blogger who said that had it not been for his unfortunate disibility, one wonders if he would have got as far as he had - twice!

Whilst it is great to see a clearly disabled person in the house, there is only so much rope we should cut him on account of his disibility.

I don't care to much about who he has been sleeping with (that really is none of my business), but I do object to him constantly abusing his position for the advancement of freinds/lovers/family/self etc.

I am trying to remain dignified in my attitude towards our current Government, but they are making it very difficult for me.

Cicero said...

I think we are being very unfair on that nice Mr. Blunkett. He has to make some money after the tragic loss of his power. To be honest the Peters and Lee tribute act was not really working, so Richard Littlething it was...

Anonymous said...

Ian, you speak German............take a gander at this,1518,433415,00.html

Even 50.000 Euros did not induce these Arabs in Germany to turn over Lebanese terrorists they had sponsored for visas

Mike D said...

Iain- excellent job.

And I'm presuming you have a complete list of every other government minister (and MP?)who's used taxpayers' money to buy their own books.

Could come in handy.

shergar said...

Old Cynic, 1.18.
I have to agree re workshy northerners, but why work as a cleaner for £5.50p/h when you can jump to the top of the housing and benefit queues merely by lying on yer back and thinking of St Andrew.
Keep them poor, stupid and fastened like a lamprey onto the welfare teat, and you've got their vote for life. Right, Gordon?

Two road's worth of brand spanking new housing's just gone up in the Scottish captital, not too far from where I am, and, as I cycle past the malingerers, ne'er do wells, addicts and skivers who have, naturally, been given these brand new houses, I occasionally wonder if it's actually worth trying to do the right thing under Call Me Tony's administration.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why you should think the Ilkley Bugle (or, to take a real example, the Yorkshire Post) deserves Blunkett any more than the Sun. You can keep him down south.
Leeds resident.

Anonymous said...

the Ilkley Bugle

Ilkley Gazette is probably Iain's favourite tipple

Anonymous said...

Some years ago Blunkett was standing at a bus stop and a dog pissed up his leg. He called to the dog softly and took a biscuit out of his pocket and bent over feeling for the dog.
I said to him "That's a nice gesture considering what he's just done!"

He said "Not really, when I find it's head, I'm gonna kick its fucking bollocks in!"

Scipio said...

Lil Will! I think even Blinket can be forgiven that one! Very humerous!

Benedict White said...

Frankely Iain I am supprised he did not accuse you of using such terms as "swamped".

What a facist authoritarian prat the man is.

Mind you, it shows what is on his mind, fear of immigrants bringing in disease.

It follows that immigrants come with ilnesses in the same way that the indigenous population have their own.