Saturday, February 25, 2006

Something of the Flight

Michael Howard will be spluttering hover his breakfast this morning when he reads The Telegraph Spy column. It reports that Slough Conservatives have elected Bruges Group Director Robert Oulds (pic left) as their chairman. It was Oulds, you will recall, who was deselected after he was photographed on a friend's bed surrounded by guns. Not satisfied with that Slough Conservatives made his successor as Candidate, Adrian Hilton, a Vice President. Hilton was also deselected for having odd views on the supposed Catholic hegemony of the EU. And all this in the week when Howard Flight was accepted back onto the Candidates list. Sandra Howard says her husband doesn't have a short fuse, he has no fuse. Not a quiet morning in the Howard household, I suspect.


Edward said...

I disagree, I suspect he couldn't care less about any of the three!

Anonymous said...

At Least Flight has a brain!... indeed while I think it was understandable why MH had to dump Flight very publicly I think it was a shame, no doubt he’ll be back and I really don’t see that as a bad thing.

As for the gun-nut and the “papal-aphobe” neither should have any position of responsibility in any political party and neither should be considered as candidates for national office! Thank god it’s only Slough…. Imagine if it was Edgbaston or Redditch!

Anonymous said...

Brave comments, anonymous. Perhaps you might like to meet the candidates and learn a little about the full background of the three incidents before coming out with the Torquemada instruments.