Sunday, February 26, 2006

Black Dog Bites Sir Nicholas Winterton

I do hope that Sir Nicholas Winterton hasn't read the Mail on Sunday's Black Dog column today. Dog alleged that Speaker Martin had thrown Sir Nick out of the Commons the week before last. He did nothing of the sort. Here's their exchange recorded in Hansard...

Mr. Speaker: Order. If the hon. Gentleman is unhappy about who I call, he is out of order. Those on the Conservative Front Bench make a demand on these questions, and I am obliged to call Front-Bench Members. That means that Back Benchers lose out.
Sir Nicholas Winterton (Macclesfield) (Con): Further to your observation, Mr. Speaker, which was obviously directed—
Mr. Speaker: No, there are no points of order. I will not take the hon. Gentleman complaining—
Sir Nicholas Winterton: I never complained. I never uttered a word.
Mr. Speaker: Well, that is news to me. I have heard him complain.

Black Dog is a very naughty boy. Back in your kennel! You wouldn't get that sort of slapdash reporting in the diary on the Independent on Sunday, would you? LOL

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Anonymous said...

Bad dog. Woof woof!