Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Arsenal 0 Real Madrid 2

It comes to something when Real Madrid have more English players on the pitch than Arsenal. 16 year old Theo Walcott is the only British player in the Arsenal squad and he is on the subs bench. Real Madrid have Beckham and Woodgate. Doesn't bode well for the English national team, in future, does it?

CORRECTION: Woodgate's off injured after 8 minutes...!

UPDATE: 9.45pm. I never thought I would ever be able to bring myself to write this, but....oh God....can I really.... WELL DONE TO ARSENAL. There. I've said it. Happy?


Anonymous said...

1 - 0 to the Arsenal. First British team to beat Real Madrid at the Burnabau.

I bet they're very british now Iain!

ian said...

I presume your headline is a prediction for the second leg?

Anonymous said...

"British team"


Martin Curtis said...


Inamicus said...

But does it help or hinder the West Ham bid for a European place? Arsenal staying in the CL means they have to play more games in the run-in - but if they win it, will that mean an English European place is lost?

ian said...

If a team wins the European Cup who has not already qualified for the cup the next season, then that team takes the place of the lowest placed team from that country, and they instead go into the UEFA cup.

ie: If Spurs finish 4th, and Arsenal finish 5th yet win the European cup, then Arsenal qualify for the European cup next season, and Spurs go into the UEFA cup. I can just imagine the wailing (in all 59 languages) from White Hart Lane were that to happen!