Monday, February 20, 2006

Back to you in the Studio Fiona. Cluck Cluck.

BBC News becomes more like Drop the Dead Donkey every day. I have just watched the ridiculous sight of Environment Correspondent Tom Heap being interviewed about bird flu from inside a dark chicken hut. Come back Damian Day. You were ahead of your time!

UPDATE 10.40pm. Jeremy Paxman just introduced Environment Minister Ben Bradshaw live from outside his house in Shepherd's Bush. Now bearing in mind BBC TV Centre is actually in Shepherd's Bush one wonders why Ben Bradshaw couldn't get into his Ministerial car and leg it on down to be interviewed by Jezza in the studio.

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aidanrad said...

Whereas ITV News - with their love of the clunkiest graphics, doom-laden links and love of the dropped intro 'It was...' - seems to make The Day Today look sober and restrained...
As for the one-third (or more) of each programme spent pleading for texts, before eventually reciting the incisive thoughts of Maureen from Lowestoft, or Geoffrey from Wednesbury, surely I'm not the only one screaming at the TV: 'You're the news programme - you tell us!' ? ;)