Thursday, February 23, 2006

A Tribute to Norwich Conservative Activist Marjorie Lloyd

I've just had a very sad phone call from a good friend in Norwich to tell me that a lady called Marjorie Lloyd has died. I doubt whether anyone reading this blog will have met her, but she was one of a kind. I first met her in the mid 1980s when I was working for Patrick Thompson, the then MP for Norwich North. She replied to an In Touch leaflet and offered to deliver a whole housing estate for us. As the 1987 election approached, she came to work in the party HQ and was an invaluable member of our team. Whenever I went back to Norwich I tried to go to visit her. She was always someone who knew how to look on the bright side of life. She loved her bowls and was the most active 84 year old I have ever met. Even on Friday, she was playing tennis! She collapsed on Sunday on her way home from church with a massive stroke. I'll remember her with a great deal of affection.


Anonymous said...

Good of you to mention her. Most people who have ever been involved in local politics will know a Marjorie - they are often the type of people who remind us waht is good about our nation and why we became involved in various campaigns in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Are you doing a QT live blog this week Mr Dale?

Iain Dale said...

bc10, sorry I was going to but I am having to spend the time doing some stuff for my Indy Diary column on Sunday!

Good start by Theresa Villiers though! Very strange that there is no LibDem on.

Martini Moon said...

Hi Iain,

I voted vor no votes as i want to focus my interests on promo editing & multi media design.

Why are you so interested in politics?

Kind regards,
Martijn Fransen

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it's actually a blessing in disguise there's no Lib Dem! I agree that Villiers has started well and I enjoyed Dimbleby's mischievous question to Darling regarding Prince Charles.

Paul Evans said...

I quite enjoyed Art Malik on it. The 'celebrities' are so often duffers, but he seems a properly articluate fella.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Dale;
Was Mrs. Llyod the same Marjorie Lloyd who wrote children's books? If so she wrote two of my favorites when I was young, (the Fell Farm books). I have just started reading thme to my daughter, how sad to loose her.

Greenbelt,MD USA